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  • jforuus jforuus May 22, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

    AGNC can't think out of the box destined for slaughter with the herd

    My ignorance, let this message board actually look into everything I mentioned.

    Brazil isn't taking US dollars?

    China asked for metal instead of the US Dollar?

    The Schiller Index isn't down back to 120's from 200's?

    The US Gov't Debt isn't a whale bigger then all of our crisis before. There is no one left that will lend us money.

    You can follow my history on the boards, I don't hide or lie. I don't make a name up for every ticker or sector, unlike most on the boards. Thats my character, what is your's?

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    • You want ROC?

      Russian Roullette as 2013 approaches we all know no one rings the bell to let you know we hit a "top".

      I would rather miss 10% rather then get caught with a falling knife.

      There are plenty of ticker you can invest in that are strong when the us dollar is weak they are even STRONGER.

      There is another part of the globe left that isn't the BRIC or PIGS.

      The truth is the truth and calling me ignorant makes me laugh at such a comment.

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      • Take your medication...

        You seem to think we are idiots on this board. You are mistaken. WE KNOW that the dollar is being devalued and WE KNOW it will get worse.

        The middle class is shrinking and will be wiped out. The same thing happened in Germany. Inflation destroys savers.

        WE ARE NOT SAVERS. Those that invest in income producing real estate, businesses, and REITS will be protected from the devaluation of the dollar.

        And if things get bad enough, the dollar will be the least of your worries. People that cry about the end of the world are amusing. Everyone will die, and when you die, the world will end for you.

      • << The truth is the truth and calling me ignorant makes me laugh at such a comment. >>

        Speaking of truth, there's a guy on the MTGE board that can set you straight on that. Maybe the two of you can take a room. Hope you got a Roth.

    • You're right about one thing: you are a character.

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