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  • xionrevolutions xionrevolutions Jun 1, 2012 12:10 AM Flag

    The masses are flocking to AGNC...18 million share volume

    I'm hoping that we will see AGNC go over $33 on this dividend run up. I myself am holding 1,500 June $32 Calls, I'm hoping and praying that all will go well on this one. I'm staking everything I have, may AGNC continue rising higher and good luck to everyone on their trades ( =

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jun 1, 2012 12:55 AM Flag

      Someone hammered a number of stocks for big buys at the end of trading.

      It looks like there was a generalize spike in the financials in the last half hour, then the banks gave it back and the money dropped into mREITs...

      No clue why. Could be that the mREITs got the rumor later, or could be rotation as a hedge against something, maybe impending european implosion. If it's going to be bad, cash would be a better place to be, though.

    • Hey X,

      Am I hearing you right? After all the shekels you so diligently gathered, you went "all in" again on the June 32's?

      Curious, why not the "big bet" on MTGE as they already had their spo?

      Secondly, June OPEX is early this year, and you obviously are hedging for no spo(that rhymes and should be your new chant), and if we don't get a move up in EX, we will statistically get the EX at the very end of the month, around the 30th. Historical cf:

      If , in fact we have a late June EX date, why did you not choose July over June as today's premiums are almost identical and the July's would have taken you up to EX:

      You always land on your feet, so what do I know; but, I was curious about your reasons.

      Best of luck as always,


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      • DocReits, I left AGNC on the morning that the MTGE SPO was approved. I thought that the price of the June $22.50 calls would be reasonable and it wasn't. The MM's were asking for 1.10-1.15 for those calls, I was expecting something like 0.80-0.90 instead. The next day MTGE recovered to around $23.60 on Friday and I sold all of my MTGE $22.50 Calls for 1.20, I made a 0.10 profit on each call. On Tuesday 6/29/12 I went back into AGNC June $32 Calls and paid 0.54 for each of the 1,500 that I bought and have been holding them since. My goal right now is for me to be able to sell them @ 1.00 when AGNC reaches $33. I know I'm at a high risk position, I know that an SPO can wipe out my position. I feel bad sometimes and wishing I had bought the July calls instead. I hope that all will go well. Good luck to everyone on their trades and may AGNC reach $33 ( =

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