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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Jun 3, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    This board is the best

    You don't have to look too far to realize what we have here...a discussion board of sharp people, who talk about topics relevant to AGNC and/ or trading ideas/ topics.

    I wanted to see if the local "experts" on the BMY message board had any insights on all of the cool things going on with BMY. From new drugs, pipeline potential and/ or the run to EX.

    I couldn't find one post about BMY. It's H.E.L.L.,and I told them so:

    Bunch of Bozos...appreciate what we have...People wonder why we have discussions here about other stocks, well, wonder no more!


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    • Ich vershehe jetzt, was Sie haben gesehen. Deutsch ist eine schoene Sprache... Ow that hurt, That was pulled from over 33 yrs.( of3 yrs. H.S. German classes)ago of dusty memory, but maybe it was always there anyway.
      I'm 1/2 German on my father's side, but his family never taught him the German Language. It wasn't quite in vogue in 1924 when he was born. Many Germans felt the need to abandon their cultural roots and Americanize completely to show their loyality to their "new fatherland", and Germans are a loyal people.
      My family now is as American as one can get, save a recipe or two. It's a shame the new immigrants to this country do not show even 1/2 that dedication to "melt into the pot" that the immigrants pre-WWI showed.
      I'm sure it was harder for my ancestors to learn a new culture than is for me to break up clumped together paragraphs into neat little ones.
      I might be more of non-conformist then they were. Maybe I could have started the "One Paragraph Movement".
      Instead I'll be satisfied to be a reformed non-conformist, at least where paragraph seperation is concerned.

      One never knows what one may learn if one is open to learning. This thread contains two beautiful pieces by two wonderful composers. Another thread on this board contains a snippet from the poet Thomas Gray.
      This message board truly indeed is special.
      Thanks again Ephort, and everyone, FOXY

    • Just to clarify, Foxy, I didn't mean that the Mozart piece was "better", only that it is lighter and "easier" to listen to.

      Wagner used what he called "endless melody" -- i.e. music with no pauses, where one phrase flows into the next in an endless continuum. It is very exciting music, but requires a lot more commitment and effort on the part of the listener to "get into". Like a very long paragraph... (but then the Germans are known, I believe, for writing very long paragraphs too, sometimes consisting of a single sentence).

    • Lol. Thanks Ephort, that's the second time you've been able to rise a chuckle from me today.

      With my window open near my desk, my neighbor must think my dog is trying to lick my armpit again.

      This new style seems very awkward to me and my using it can hardly compare to "The voice of God". It seems I was asked to trade in my tambourine for maracas and I can't seem to keep time. It's just possible I just never did have it and didn't know it.

      I did listen to both compositions. For the past two years or so I've been strictly listening to Phila's local classical channel when I play the radio. Since it was the Wagner I had never heard before, it was actually the one I enjoyed more.

      But, I completely get your point. I just have to learn to shake these maracas a little more smoothly. FOXY

    • Onion said he has an image of each of us in his head.

      So do I -- though, in your case, and since you wrote about music, I have a musical image.

      Old (pre-paragraph) Foxy:

      New Foxy:

    • I look to the message boards for hlep in making decisions on stock, not personal political garbage. There is Yahoo for that type of carp. All you out there who post to help...thanks

    • So it has not changed over there.

      same story at BAC, just a bunch of abusive children, last time I checked months ago anyway.

      • 1 Reply to slegermark
      • Sledge,

        Don't check BAC. I have. Useless people shouting nonsense. I checked quite a few boards ( various stocks I own) Not one compares. Smart people here.
        Doc, YBF, Ben, Sledge, Olee, ephort, faaqee and the rest.

        I actually have a image in my head of each one of you.

        I especially love how the liars and wannabees are exposed and ignored almost immediately here.
        And how the first timers or seldom posters with something intelligent to say are answered and respected.

        Good board.

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