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  • architecturaldiva architecturaldiva Jun 15, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

    Are Equity Options Zero Sum 2

    OK head hurts now :) So, no benign envy huh? Well, that's what I was describing in my feelings about your skill...and a quote from section 1.3..."Furthermore, even decent and strong-willed people sometimes envy the talents of their more accomplished friends. Surely such people do not want those friends to lose those talents.", seems perfectly to describe same....However, if I were after your "honey" (or was it "bunny"?), I wouldn't think that "funny" at all, but a run-away case of jealousy over your "money", which I really wouldn't care if you lost or not, as long as I got mine,, that makes it not really jealousy, after all, right? Now that's funny!

    Anyway, good fun, and it's sometimes nice to be distracted from the ol' stock boards for a while.


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