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  • bovisutor bovisutor Jun 20, 2012 4:48 PM Flag

    Fox Busness is no smarter than Fox News

    [Stimulus creates jobs but this is not always a good thing. Because creating a bubble ]

    The RE bubble was caused by 10 years of no doc loans. The stimulas saved the financial system

    {A more fair way to stimulate the economy is to give the money to people in their pay checks]

    You stimulate the economy though demand, invovation and fair trade agreements

    [current administration is in bed with China]

    Tell me again, how much do we owe China?

    [manipulate their currencies are not practicing free trade]

    How hard of a fall would you like to see in China?

    [They don’t even have a plan]

    I see a clear plan but you can't call tea baggers statesman.

    [most everything the left does cost them more money and gives them little in return]

    what did we get for 2 wars, upaid tax cuts, and unfunded medicare prescription plan and a financial colapse?

    [You know, like the indoctrination that religious people do to their children so as to lock them in for life}

    I think it was Ronald Reagon that said, "I did't leave the democratic prarty, the party left me.

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