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  • roym717 roym717 Jul 19, 2012 8:23 PM Flag

    Operation Twist Extended Next Month?

    Hello Everyone,

    Fed meets next month. I believe the info below will help how you trade AGNC and this market.

    See Article with CNBC Video, extremely Informative, please take the time it's only a few minutes. -conquered/

    Remember, Central Banksters, their policies and politics run this economy - the very credible Pro Investors on the above video agree.

    I'm LONG AGNC.

    best of luck to all,

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    • Ephort,

      T minus 7 days to my boards so I am going to summarize by saying that PSF(point spread function) is why your large aperture(small F) doesn't work in Geometric Optics to refine the image. Paraxial approximations and Snell's Law are key, and I found a wonderful resource that explains these items IMO, very simply.

      Look especially under "Image Quality" I believe, on the 3rd or 4th page(unfortunately pages are not labeled). The paper, I think you will find very illuminating(sorry)....;-)

      After next Monday, I will have more time to discuss the topic further, If you wish...I believe around page 50 there is a good explanation of paraxial approximations, which all of my business in optics is based upon. Sorry for the pdf format, but I believe you will enjoy.


    • Interesting info Doc.

      I think that all the facts you present are compatible, however, with my description of the use of pinholes in your field as being different from a pinhole camera and more like a (very) high F-stop lens.

      Using a 2mm pinhole in a 24mm-deep pinhole camera (human eye) would be like using a 1-inch opening (with no lens) in a 12 inch deep one. I don't think you would expect to get anything but a blur on the film plane in the latter case, and it is the same in the former. (As you increase all dimensions of the camera proportionally, the angles stay the same -- which is why angles are used in your field, and also in astronomy to measure the "resolving power" of telescopes).

      In either of the pinhole cameras mentioned above, the visual angle corresponding to the "spot size" (the limit of contrast resolution) is 4.76 degrees of arc -- or atan(1/12)! (That's almost 300 minutes of arc -- well beyond the limits of legal blindness, I'm sure).

      So the lens must still be at work when you use that pinhole occluder -- and the function of the pinhole, I still believe, is to exclude the rays that hit the periphery of the lens, which is where the greatest defects are.

    • Roger on everything you said YBF. But since you stoked further the pinhole fire, I'll play a little more.

      You can make a pretty good pinhole with the fingers of one hand. Bring together thumb and index finger, then bend the middle finger, pushing it against these two. These three can make a perfect pinhole, and you can keep holding the martini (or steering wheel) with the other hand.

      Digging deeper -- I believe that a pinhole in front of an eye works on a very different principle from a pinhole camera.

      In a pinhole camera there is no lens, no refraction, no convergence of rays. The image is formed only because each spot on the projection plane "sees" only one spot in the world outside the camera.

      But a pinhole in front of the eye works more like a diaphragm in a camera lens. The image is formed by the lens, not by the pinhole. The pinhole only limits the light that comes in and makes sure that only the central part of the lens gets light. This results in a smaller "circle of confusion" and a sharper image. It's like taking a picture with a very high F-stop.

    • I thought they already said it was going to last through the end of the year?

    • Link doesn't work Roy....


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