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  • JetCityExpo JetCityExpo Jul 25, 2012 8:40 PM Flag

    OT: Who pays all taxes?

    With all the back and forth over tax increases, decreases, corporate, individual etc. the question I pose is who ultimately pays all taxes?

    I'm not trying to make a point, just something to consider when quibbling over taxes.

    Second question for consideration: Do you work for your gross or your net?

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    • WOW!!! Everything you mentioned is MADE IN COMMUNIST CHINA. How does the benefit the US worker?

    • They did much more than the health care act, which in itself was huge.

      Its not that they were stupid, and i am sorry to be so frank, but the republicans have mastered the dark art of mobilizing armies of freaking, knuckleheaded SUCKERS who will vote for larry moe and curly, and the democrats just have no countervailing force against an army of morons.

      Its a party of weird off-the-charts nonsense. its like on multiple choice exams, there is alwys that one crazy answer that makes you chuckle? Well its a party of the people who mark that crazy answer!

      No amount of reasoning seems to work.

      And they outnumber people who are not hysterical by a margin enough to win most of the time.

      Hard times ahead. A lot of hard lessons that wont be learned because you people cant learn.

    • "Haiti is another word for free market. "


      I'm wasting my time here.

      Good day.

    • We dont have central planners, we have policy makers.

      When the policies are good, more people make good decisions, when the policies are bad, more people mak bad decisions,

      With no policies at all, you get haiti.

      Haiti is another word for free market.

    • I am simply pointing out that individuals make the most rational use of thier own resources. It is called self interest.

      It is easy to say "tax the other guy, he has plenty to spare."

      I don't trust central planners in DC of any political persuasion to efficently allocate resources.

      Your very tone suggests that the resources dont belong to the producer to begin with, but to the state. We are not slaves.

    • Purely irrational reply on many levels.

      You seem to be implying that your local, state and federal governments simply fo not exist and that you are not a member of any society.

      I cannot respond.

    • "You are creating a fun house mirror America with vast misapplication of resources."

      I can allocate my resources however I wish. I earned it. It's mine.

      Anyone else allocating my resources is "misapplication".

    • Yes maybe humor will get thhrough them.

      Government pets for every kid! Har har.

      Sad thing is, they really do believe the poor are somehow living in some kind of luxury while the most successful are somehow beleagured.

      The human mind is a mysterious thing.

    • been watching this one off and on all day at work. but to answer the OP's question, I PAY ALL THE TAXES.

      i am an employee, a consumer, an investor, a real property owner, a parent, a child, a sibling, a creditor(investments), a debtor, a driver, and still breathing. everything gets taxed.

      the argument is made that some are not paying their fair share, well i am here to tell you that i am. but the ones that bug me the most are the sponges who pay nothing at all, except payroll(assuming they work), and do most of the taking from society and the taxes we pay.

      there should REALLY be an AMT. let's make it ten bucks. access to all those lovely federal benefits costs you ten bucks. hust send a text to 72987(PAYUP) every jan 1, and we will hit your credit card for a ten.

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      • Here is the wierdest part of all: the democrats arent asking us to pay more, they are asking those in the higher brackets, the brackets that have been doing fine while everyone else stagnates, the brackets that are awash in propsperity, the brackets where the most successful such as Buffet tells us, by all means, raise my rate, no problem.

        And while you stagnate, you ask nothing of those who benefited most from the crazy tax cuts that killed the surplus and piled us will yet more public debt?

        This just shows the power of cognitive manipulation.

        You see all the uncontested data that wealth is being concentrated in fewer hands in the highest brackets, you see local state and federal starved of funds.

        And you talk about your dislike of poor people who live in dilapitated slums and how we should tax THEM more?


    • YBF said, "The wealthy should be paying 100% of the taxes"

      IMHO those who pay nothing in taxes should have no vote. I think all people of voting age should pay something in taxes if they want to have a say in how taxes are spent.

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