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  • xionrevolutions xionrevolutions Jul 26, 2012 1:18 AM Flag

    AGNC Official Battle Plan 2: I'm All In

    My dear friends. Our long awaited SPO appeared on July 18, 2012. This is the opportunity I had waited for. Our beloved AGNC is showing good recovery since the SPO and that is awesome.
    My current AGNC positions are as follows:

    10 AGNC $35 Jan13 Calls, cost 1.05 each
    587 AGNC $34 Sep12 Calls, cost 1.50 each
    1,516 AGNC $34 Dec12 Calls, cost 1.27 each
    $4k in cash

    I'm now holding a total of 2,113 AGNC Call options. My plan is to hold my AGNC Call options Long till 3-4 days before ex-div somewhere in mid-September 2012. I have invested $281k into this trade. I'm hoping we will see AGNC reaching or going over $36.50 sometime before ex-div around mid-September 2012. That should allow me to cross $500k for the first time in my life. I'm praying to God that all will go well. I wish you all the best my friends and I hope that you too will blessed with more greenbacks, happiness, and good health. I wish you all the best always. Go AGNC! ( =

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    • Hi MC,

      One son in Lakeland, Fl and another in Venice, Fl. I will let you know of future travel plans...oldest son just bought a spare condo on Treasure Island, on the beach. Told me its mine whenever I want it...I am wondering if that's a ploy to not have me stay at his house, hmmmmm...;-)


    • I am 60 and we are going through the same disposal process. It is not fun, but these are not real treasures anymore--the real treasure is every second I spend with my grandsons. I spend a lot with them now, and it is going to increase.

      I gather that several of you are able to get together at times and I wish I could be part of that. Let me know if you are in Tampa or south Georgia in the future.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Aug 14, 2012 5:51 PM Flag

      Just heard about a fella that set a new record by cycling just over 15 miles in one hour. Doesn't sound like much until you learn he's 100 years old.

      Age isn't a handicap, it's a score.

      And I aim to run it up.

    • Hi Jim,

      Yes, in reviewing for my boards it was drilled into me that it isn't heart disease, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity that is the leading cause of stroke and/or heart is....Inactivity!!

      Even if it hurts....keep moving....;-)



    • Hey Doc,

      Your comments about your 89 year old golf partner reminded me of some of the folks that my wife swims "Masters" with. At one of the swim meets, there was a category for swimmers above 100 years old. As there was only one man participating, all the gentleman had to do was jump in, swim a lap, and collect a blue ribbon, which he did (You've got to love it). These two examples (golfer/swimmer) remind me of my favorite saying about aging, courtesy of George Bernard Shaw:

      “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

      Never stop playing!


      PS: The DD may have to all converge on FN's restaurant for the "... visceral delight of gnawing on a T-Bone with the hot, savory, juicy, flavorful, delightful, run of grease drooling down your chin, like a river." Don't forget that you will need to wash it down with a good red.

    • ...thanks for your response, I wish him all the best, I'll be looking for him on his yacht...

    • All I know is that he suffers from a number of different maladies he has shared with us over the years. Some worse than others. His last comments led me to believe he was getting worse. He was constantly in his doctor's care and mentioned how his health was deteriorating.

      His frequency of postings followed his reports of his decline. My hope is that he has found his pot of gold and is enjoying life on his yacht in the Mediterranean. I fear otherwise.

      He was a definite spice who added flavor to this board. I miss him....


    • <...know that DocReits has gone the way of poor Porkus.> So Doc what (if you know) happened to Porkus? I always enjoyed reading his posts...

    • God ain't gonna help you. It's all you and only you. But you sure seem to have a good handle on things. I really hope you are correct in your assumptions.

    • Had two 12 yard dumpsters in the driveway and junked out all of the old 386, 486, Pentium, machines, dot-matrix printers(I know you younger folks don't know about those items). I mean it was a Hallelujah Celebration. We thought about setting the house on fire and getting rid of the rest(well that was my private thought, not we, as in me and the wife, but we, in the Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde "me/we".

      I want to run lean and mean into the grave using everything up and doing a slide into homeplate(the grave) yelling whooopeee, ain't anything left. Used it all up!! Can't take it...further...

      Why do folks attempt to prolong the inevitable with all the fuss and misery. All the supposed "good food" you can't even gag down. That's what vitamins are for! I like steak and wine, rare and fine! Go ahead be a Vegan, live another year, never knowing the visceral delight of gnawing on a T-Bone with the hot, savory, juicy, flavorful, delightful, run of grease drooling down your chin, like a river. Hey, that's not gross, that's what "elder bibs" are for...;-)

      You stock those at that restaurant don't you FN. Its Ok,if not, I travel with my own. Jack Daniel's steak sauce marinating that Filet Mignon, and then the correct temperature on the grill together with proper seasoning and I tell you what...shouldn't type when I'm hungry....;-)

      Well, I wish you much success and an escape for all of us from Dementia, and other horrible lingering, wasting disease processes. I was golfing with an 89 year old retired dentist today. Spry...crazy. Didn't hit the ball far, but hey, he hit the ball!! I wish us all as well at his age. If not I want to keel over and be gone B4 I hit the ground. That's the way my dad went. Sad for the family, but great for him.

      Enough morbid thoughts. Lets make tons of money B4 that solemn date. I want to hear about someone's plan to take advantage of this incredible stock we own and trade...our beloved AGNC!

      Best to all!


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