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  • robert_jdelaney robert_jdelaney Aug 15, 2012 10:39 PM Flag

    Awesome..Screen is clean

    Mine too- Let's see what happens next couple weeks- should be flooring for the run to EX

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    • G'morning -- not even going to bother to take time to count them Doc. Just going to be ignoring them as they appear!

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      • Is there any interest & any real chance we could convince regulars like yourselves to migrate over to an AGNC stock forum on a different website, one that supports moderators that can easily clean up any riff-raff that appears?

        Things have gotten horrible on here lately, but with Yahoo's complete lack of attention (and probably resources) I don't see why it's not going to keep happening again and again.

        Some Yahoo stock forums I'm on/used to be on have been abandoned by regular folks for years, now only the 1-line shorters and .info spammers are all that exist. It's right out of a zombie/body snatcher movie really, where the creatures win and take over the planet, and then every so often an uninfected person comes out of hiding to see if there are other humans alive but inevitably is swarmed over quickly :).

        There are too many of these schmucks out there. This will only get worse as the "Short and Distort" messages will become more subtly worded and crafted to live within the enormous boundaries of Yahoo's "rules". If Yahoo doesn't have to worry about being sued over something, then they just aren't going to worry about this. They have far bigger issues.

        Don't think I haven't tried reporting tons of users, many times, using every angle (from Spam to Harassment to Offensive to...) and even written up feedback & complaints by hand. Never received any kind of response or action.

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