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  • olee2116 olee2116 Aug 23, 2012 5:00 PM Flag

    OT Best Shotgun

    I had 2 guys case out my house and car today so it's time to get some firepower. I think they were intimidated by my muscular build, but don't bring a fist to a gunfight.

    I'm thinking about this.
    Remington 870 Express Tactical Shotgun, 12ga

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    • How are things going olee? Have you seen those guys who looked like they were scoping you out back around again or is all quiet now?

      I agree with those who said a dog is a good investment - not so much for defense, but for good early warning of strangers around at the very least. Their hearing is amazing and our two definitely let us know when people are around long before we hear their vehicle or they reach the door or gate.

      Beyond dog(s), we have central station security monitoring, lock the doors when away and at night, (oh and do invest in good doors and locks), and we have several firearms strategically positioned in concealed cabinets as well as in nightstands in the bedroom for fast access if necessary.

      A shotgun that you feel comfortable with (we have some Remington model), a good hand gun in the bedroom nightstand, and if you have a media wall in the room you watch TV in at night then a good weapon in a long cabinet that looks like part of the wall right near the back door is nice. Loaded and ready to grab & fire but with safetys on.... the dog will alert you if there's any intrusion into the property and voila, your weapons are within reach.

      We aren't "gun nuts" , but we live in a very good neighborhood and many of our neighbors feel overly confident because of the affluence of the area, but we believe that could also become a strong attraction for problems if some elements of society grow more desperate due to economic circumstances so we believe it's better to be proactive than not.

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      • Hey FN, thanks for asking. Things are quiet now, I think they left to find an easier target.

        I figured out their deal. There have been people coming by the house because it was being listed for rent. I called the rental management company and they told me they closed all the ads.

        Then I found a fake ad advertising my house on craigslist. They must have been scammers taking money from people. The type to swindle people, not the type to go after a guy that can hurt them back.


    • For investment purposes the Browning Citori is the most prestigious and smoothest looking shotgun.
      Have a 20 ga Citori in the gun safe.
      There is a Beneli Nova 12ga pump ($300.00) under the bed. Just the sound of chambering a round in the pump sends 'em runnin'
      Disclosure: long precious metals (brass and lead).

    • If you ever use a shot gun, the doctor who has to sew the guy back together is going to hate you. 22s aren't very good because you can get shot by one and almost not know it if your adrenalin is high enough. That is why I keep an S&W 9mm semi auto with hollow points. I keep the clips loaded with ammo lying next to the gun. They will certainly realize they have been shot and the damage can be repaired, i.e., if they are still live. I recommend trying not to kill them by shooting them over and over. If you have to shoot someone as a last resort, control your emotions because you don’t want it to look like you were trying to kill them. For me, the best case scenario is that they get scared and run away. I have nice hardwood floors and area rugs that I don't want damaged. Second, I don't want to deal with any legal issues. Once they know the house is armed they won't return. You can count on that. However, a shot gun is good for rock salt which is non lethal. I would not know how to create such a load.

      You may also want to consider bear mace used to scare off bears. And then use a hand gun as a backup if that does not work. Mace in the left hand and gun in the right hand. If they come in with a gun in their hands you are screwed because it is just as likely they will get a shot off first as it is that you will. You may have done better off being unarmed in that case. I was robed at gun point once. It was scary but in the end they left the apartment and nothing happened to us other than our wallets getting emptied. Most people don't want to kill anyone because they don't want what will happen afterwards which is a very detailed investigation.

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      • If you shoot someone, you should shoot to kill. What I like about a shotgun is that at close range, only 1 shot is required and they will have no chance to fire back.

        If your state has a castle law, then you are safe from any criminal/legal charges. You just have to use your head and not be a tough guy like the guy in Florida.

        My apartment (rough neighborhood) was burglarized about 5 years ago and I had some money stolen. I knew they would be back the next day, so I took off work and waited with my Springfield XD40. They ran away. Now I could have chased them and shot them, but then that would be manslaughter and I would be in prison now.

        Castle law means you stand your ground in your home/car. You cannot chase after anyone.

    • that will work,i am a sig guy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Olee - Google Wiki Weapon Project or Defense Distributed.

      3D gun printing from the comfort of your home.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Aug 24, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

      Unless you're going to be shooting competitively, there are no specs on a shotgun that make any difference. Hole on one end, trigger on the other, somewhere to put the shells, and you're good.

    • Get a Saiga 12. It is a 12 gauge AK 47. Just the sound of racking the bolt will cause an intruder to leave. Plus, it is ultra reliable.

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      • Agree, but point on saiga 12 should be it's ability to empty an extended clip/drum in seconds and thus dilivering a world of hurt. I posted someting on saiga 12 earlier but it was removed??? anyway utube has several vids if you want to see one in action. best not say anymore or this post will be removed too!

    • BTW does anyone live in an open carry state.

      I live in Kansas and you can carry handguns openly, but you need a permit for concealed carry (fingerprints, etc)

      I'd rather not go through the trouble for a concealed carry permit, but I don't feel comfortable open carry. I would feel like I'm looking for a fight.

    • I own the Mossberg 500 Defense /field combo

    • Hey,

      How can " muscular build" and Olee be in the same post...;-) I have a SE Asian son-in-law. He turns side-wase and you miss him in a crowd.


      DocReits...muscular build...sigh....;-)

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