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  • faaqcee faaqcee Sep 7, 2012 7:11 PM Flag

    OT: GE

    So far this year GE is up 20.5%
    It's close today(21.57) was the highest since Oct.2,2008.

    Is this a sign of a strong bull market going forward?

    In April of 2008 GE was over 38.50 and paid a .31 dividend.
    Its current dividend is .17.
    GE is due to declare very soon.
    Does anyone think GE will continue to rise in pps, and raise its dividend either this quarter or before year's end?

    Thanks for playing.
    GE's board is worse than BMY's by a country mile.

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    • I am expecting a 2-3 cent increase in dividend in Q4 based on their increase in earnings. That is their normal window for making increases. Since GE is probably one of the most abused stocks when it comes to flash trading, I think it would be difficult at best to determine near term growth unless their fundamentals made a marked improvement. I've watched them beat earnings and immediately drop like a rock...go figure.

      I agree, their message board is one of the worst out there.

    • The Board of Directors of General Electric Company (GE) today declared a $0.17 per share dividend on the outstanding common stock of the Company payable on October 25, 2012, with a record date of September 24, 2012 and ex-dividend date of September 20, 2012.

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      • Thanks for the info RLP.
        Last quarter, GE rose over $2 during its dividend run.
        If thet happens to occur again this quarter, GE will have climed 1/2 way up the precipitous cliff its pps fell from during the fall(in the fall) of 2008.

        GE is and has been a bellwether of the market in our country's recent history.
        AND: "Aunt Millie" is still on the sidelines.

        If/when GE breaks through 25, it may even spark other blue chip stocks to rise as well, imo.
        The stock may be one to at least pay attention to in the next few weeks, during this dividend run.

        Are there any chartists out there with an opinion as to GE's current direction?

        To me, this is a very curious stock.
        GE's recovery may very well bode well for the economy as a whole, sparking other lagging blue chips on its coattails.

        Thanks everyone for your replies so far, and i'm looking forward to ongoing discussion regarding GE.
        As I have mentioned before, GE's message board is all but dead.

        Good luck to all, FOXY

    • False economy Foxy,

      We are sailing on the winds prior to a Presidential election. Happens 80% of the time. If you plan on owning any blue chips, own them fast(before the election). After that, it may not be as pleasant as you think....


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