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  • faaqcee faaqcee Sep 19, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    OT: MTGE

    MTGE is up this morning, having recovered approx. 28% of the div. drop.
    I'm pretty sure their ducks are in order for them to have a spo whenever they see fit.
    Does anyone else think it will happen this week,making MTGE a good stock to short until the spo?

    Good luck this quarter to all.

    Thanks for any input, FOXY

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    • I definitely think MTGE will SPO. I honestly think that moving forward MTGE might (although I feel dirty saying it) do better than AGNC.

    • By the time I asked this question and put in my short sale order MTGE dropped .36.
      I shorted anyway.
      Being a big fan of MTGE, my hands shook while placing the order, I guess out of guilt.
      I only shorted once before,AGNC, successfully,for one day.
      I'm betting on the spo coming soon, if not today,then this week.

      Any input?
      Thanks, FOXY

    • Hi Foxy- Why is it still going up? I have not dipped into MTGE yet but I would have expected a dip like AGNC.

      Also you sticking with MCP? (Lynas go t the green light for the plant)

    • Hey Foxy .... Well, the gain today is gone for the time being so you might change your mind about the short, but I do think an SPO is imminent. They might want to let the PPS recover a bit, but it should happen within a few days, and maybe this week.

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      • Yeah Ray,
        I might set a cover price where I can "win" a free lunch.
        If MTGE does its spo today then I may still be short, but if not today then I'll be hanging on a branch.
        The way my brain is wired I cannot wish for something to not do well, as I was taught by my parents.
        If MTGE waits, or does a "drip spo" this quarter ala AGNC 1stQ, I could get hurt a bit.
        Not really knowing how to short, I will try to set a sort of "stop loss cover", at 25.35, giving me a .07 gain on the short.
        I really missed out on the other .36.
        If I was able to have gotten the order in at a higher price, it would have provided me with a much larger cushion.

        Thank everyone for your responses so far, FOXY

        P.S. Robert, I got beaten up badly with MCP(out at 15xx).
        I'm having trouble posting on this message board.
        I'll respond directly to your post about MCP later, FOXY

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