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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Sep 30, 2012 12:03 AM Flag

    OT....$$$.....I am looking forward to October

    I am believing the stars lined up at rather a unique time on two of the Tremendous Three(CQP, ETP, and EPD), in that they (CQP and EPD) both had a SPO right before their historical, one month, climbs to EX. How sweet was that? We had WMC throw in, to boot with their SPO last week. Wow, three great stocks with SPO's all about the same time. Makes a hungry man/woman(FN) get those growling sounds in their stomachs....and to act on the same.....;-)

    I have found that those acting at the appropriate times are those who consistently make money. I am convinced, more than ever, that there are certain patterns which can be exploited in the market. (That's "exploited" in the good sense, where we end up making money). Oh, I know TA is important, and Angrad has helped me not to lose sight of that(thank you), but I am talking, at the moment, about those historical, consistent, runs to EX which occur , over and over again(90% of the time) over 2,3 and even 4 years back.

    Kind of like the professional athletes of stocks. When Tiger was at the top of his game, there weren't to many Big events he didn't come in first. Even now he is coming back, winning big tournaments...consistency. We realize that Tiger might perform poorly, during a stretch, but the majority of the time he always makes the it is with the Tremendous Three(right now....4 years and counting). That might change in the future, but right now, I am excited to watch how these stocks behave over this new month, starting Monday!!

    Much success to all Longs!


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    • I thought that the whole idea of buying deep in the money calls after the ex divy date was to take advantage of the recovery after the dividend fall. And if there is an SPO, any temporary price decline because of that. In the case of mREITs, with large dividend jumps and relatively low volatility, the likely recovery dominated the market noise making it predictable more or less. However, these stocks that you have just mentioned have lower dividends than the mREITs and seem to be more volatile. So I'm not sure I understand the strategy unless you are simply bullish on these shares.

    • ETP had a nice pop earlier today but is now down 1%. I picked up some Nov. 40 calls here at 2.45.

    • Just getting started. Looking forward to your info. Simple for the NFG.

    • Doc I fervently hope that everyone has a marvelous October run and we all make out like bandits! Thanks to your tireless research and recommendations I'm in for the runs on ETP, EPD, and CQP, plus I have a small but already profitable position in CPNO.

    • Doc, do you recall who mentioned CPNO (Copano Energy, L.L.C.) ?
      I bought the Oct32 @ .70, and those are doing good so far to.
      E*trade is showing me up 47% on them.

      Just mentioning this cause I didn't see that one on your list.

    • Thanks again for the heads up on CQP. I think we'll see a $2-4/share rise before ex.

    • I'm fully loaded on CQP and ETP and just waiting a little longer to get into EPD. I'll probably get back into WMC in about a week because I think it drops further. That will leave me with just enough to fully load in MTGE if they SPO and a small piece left to average down if any of the others drop to an attractive level below my entry point.

      As always thanks for your insight Doc

    • I'm down with the TT's, maybe a little early on a couple of them, but looking forward to October success. I agree that the acorn seldom falls far from the tree, and place a lot of reliance on massaging each stock heavily with Excel. That and attempting to gauge current sentiment are major factors in my short term trades.

      I must also add my accolades and appreciation to all on this board who so generously share their knowledge and expertise. It truly makes this board unique. Thanks to all of you.

    • Thanks to all of you, I have dipped my toe into options and gone long (first with AGNC, great success! then with BMY....ready to sell for profit Monday or Tuesday...and now with EPD and CQP I have 20 November Calls each...thanks!!)

      Couldn't have asked for a nicer board, that shares, guides, and encourages newbies!!


    • I'm in there too. I hope that this coming month will be filled with many blessings and prosperity for our lives. I wish everyone the best, good luck to us all ( =

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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