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  • onion1273 onion1273 Oct 18, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    Please contribute:

    We have some great investors and traders here...I need input.
    Looking for more high yielding stocks for my income portfolio
    Not Mreits, Not MLPS, Not preferreds ..I own plenty and am looking to diversify.
    Recently bought NCZ, DHF,
    I am more interested in divi income than price appreciation. but looking for price stability.

    Please offer your best ideas, and tell me why..

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    • Bp is my best investment for dividends, future price rise. Would appreciate your input, ben

    • OHI, MPW Health care Reits will ride the baby boom generation for years to come as they enter assisted living and hospitals. OHI has history of raising dividends and share price has beeen pretty good too. I have a decent chunk of OHI and some MPW to carry me in retirement.

    • Okay, I need to tell you something important. So listen up. NCZ is a bad investment. DHF is okay but not great. There has been a lot of MREITS that have come and gone because of greed. They go to nonagency and get raped in the booty. You're best bet is to invest in the preferred stocks of the MREITS like CYS-A. 7.75% is a good, solid return in ANY market environment, minus the 1970s inflation days. PSEC is a really good BDC, I like PSEC, CYS, NLY, TWO, SLRC, CYS-A, AGNC, FSC, GAIN. Don't invest in bad investments just for the sack of diversification.

    • I would not be buying now. Not yet. I cashed out several weeks ago, both trading and many core positions. So far I have a large net positive for this move. I'm back to dipping in and out on a very short term basis based mostly on the local technicals. Why? We have another confluence of negative impairments approaching. We have the fiscal cliff dilemma which no matter how it is bridged will set another batch of impairments in motion. We are facing further credit rating reduction. Unlike last year, another downgrade will make a real difference on what the US pays in interest on its debt. We have a declining productivity trend, earnings and revenues are generally in decline. We have Europe which beside its monetary dramas is now facing reporting that they are officially back into a recession. It appears not too far down the road the nuclear Iran issue is going to become volatile. We have equity markets that have bucked the trends for many weeks now. We have institutions and hedge funds still sitting on large short positions due to this dislocation.

      I know this sounds rather dire and I'm sure not every issue will take the path of a worse scenario possibility. It is the confluence of the negative possibilities that will sink the markets plus a conglomerate of market makers jumping onto the bandwagon. The media will only fuel the fire. Till the end of the year cash is king IMVHO.

    • If you don't mind a little volatility, you might take a look at the UBS 2X ETNs. BDCL and the brand new MORL have big yields.

    • I'm not into prefs yet, but it sounds really good. What would happen to them in a major market correction? Why wouldn't they sell off too?

      Is there anything short of bankrupt for the company that would mess them up?

      Thanks, all

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      • Yes prices do sell off on prefs making them even more attractive. Prefs are bonds in stock clothing. So when the price goes down your yield goes up. All you have to worry about in my opinion is the company going BK. For example I bought a few different BAC prefs when prices were depressed and now get paid a 8- 9% yield..forever...or until they call the security.

        In very rare occasions the company can suspend divi payments for up to 6 qtrs.
        RBS did this and their prefs were trading in the low teens ( remember that 25 is par)
        After reading a SA article ( yes I actually took their advice) I bought some RBSs that started paying again @ $17.82 my yield = 10.38% now its trading @ 21.66 I will have this 10.38% yield for a long time to come.

      • Try GLU instead of GAUIX

    • theywontallowanythingiwanttoput theywontallowanythingiwanttoput Oct 19, 2012 9:03 PM Flag

      I like PSEC its got a 10+% div. It is a lot more diversified than a mREIT. It invests in private and public businesses in oil and gas production, coal production, materials, industrials, consumer discretionary, information technology, utilities, pipeline, storage, power generation and distribution, renewable and clean energy, oilfield services, healthcare, food and beverage, education, business services. It only has a 36% leverage ratio, compared to 5-10 times ratio like some mREITs. A 73% payout ratio for 2012 earnings but close to 100% for 2013 earnings. So hopefully no div cut. It makes money from investing in companies and not interest rate spreads.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Check out NRF and RSO. Commercial REITs. They been quietly raising capital and their base business is perking up. NRF has gradually stepped up the dividend from 10 to 16 cents, more raises are quite likely. RSO has better current yield.


    • John Hancock's HPS pays monthly dividend (about 7.5%), has a good history, and in addition has a fairly predictably small rise and fall that can be traded.

    • TGP Now paying 7%, steady payer of div. Year to date return 15%. Currently $38.34 per share. Chart looks good, going up from left to right...

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