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  • subsold subsold Oct 24, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    To Ray about God

    Do you worship energy on Sunday morning?

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    • I recommend reading the theology of John Hick and in particular Paul Tillich.

      One cannot worship God as a being, some sort of super being that rules over us for that would make us objects, means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

      Tillich states, sympathetically, that the God of theological theism

      deprives me of my subjectivity because he is all-powerful and all-knowing. I revolt and make him into an object, but the revolt fails and becomes desperate. God appears as the invincible tyrant, the being in contrast with whom all other beings are without freedom and subjectivity. He is equated with the recent tyrants who with the help of terror try to transform everything into a mere object, a thing among things, a cog in a machine they control. He becomes the model of everything against which Existentialism revolted. This is the God Nietzsche said had to be killed because nobody can tolerate being made into a mere object of absolute knowledge and absolute control. This is the deepest root of atheism. It is an atheism which is justified as the reaction against theological theism and its disturbing implications.

      God is not a being, God is the ground of being. It is not our physical body that is made in the image of God, that is an absurdity since we are basically hairless apes. It is not our soul that was made in the image of God, our personality and thought processes are the mere consequence of an advanced brain and dies with the brain. It is our spirit, our true consciousness, our energy that was made in the image of God, and when we die, we return home.

      When you see God as the ground of being, then it's possible to see the Cross as the symbol of divinity through the grace of suffering. It is possible to see Christ as the symbol of eternal redemption, regardless of the historical inconsistencies of the Bible and the troublesome doctrines that come with interpretation.

    • Do you worship energy on Sunday morning?

      what I worship fairly constantly, as Augustine recommended, not only on Sunday, is beyond your comprehension.

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