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  • subsold subsold Nov 7, 2012 4:39 PM Flag

    I guess we know what Wall Street thinks about yesterday.

    you are right. after Boners speech I think we know the Teaheads will stand in the way of progress.

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    • It was Reid who just as few days ago said that if Mitt was elected that the Senate would refuse to work with him basically implying that there would be 4 years of grid lock caused by the Democrats yet you make the statement you just made as if you are 100% clueless. Only the Democrats talk like that. So who is being unreasonable? I'm not making this up. They are his words no mine. What Reid expressed for all of us to hear, except maybe you evidently, was that the Democrats have a "it's my way or the highway" attitude. I cannot remember a Republican in a comparable position of power ever making such a radical statement. Sometimes I wonder how you guys ever get the impressions you have. It amazes me. It would seem that with all the contradictions that something would register eventually but it doesn't. Spending has gone up over a trillion dollars since Obama took office yet somehow it's perceived that we have a revenue problem and not a spending problem. It's like talking to a brick wall. Nothing registers.

      If all they did was bring spending back to where it was before we would not even be having this conversation. It's like Reid is saying that we upped the spending and you can't make us put it back and I will crash the entire country before we let you make us do it. And you think that is reasonable?

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      • Give me a break. People from both parties talk like that. As for spending... I believe that the last time we had a balanced budget, it was during the presidency of a democrat. Spending is out of control because Mr. G W decided to borrow money to give us a few grand in tax cuts, which is exactly the wrong thing to do when the economy is doing well. Now that the economy sucks, the LAST thing we need to do is cut spending; that's what caused the great depression. Instead, we should wait until the economy is back in shape, and THEN we cut spending.

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      • you are kidding me right? McConnel made THE SAME STATEMENT but even more controversial when he stated they would do everything possible to make sure this was a one term presidency. It is the Repubs that have drawn an unreasonable line (position) in the sand and I cannot understand how the uberrich can convince so many people to defend their position...many of these people do not have a pot to @#$% in but they will defend the wealthy until the end. These rich Repubs are SUPERB at spin control and why wouldn't they be. Remember, these are the leaders of this society that are masters at manipulating OTHER people to do their dirty work and then standing back and saying "See, the average guy wants it this way"

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      • right on

    • When Bernanke leaves/quits/not re-elected 04/2013 mREIT like AGNC direction is higher/lower/flat?

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