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  • macbride247 macbride247 Nov 13, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Predict - worse tomorrow or rebound?

    There aren't enough rich people in that bracket to make up for this Presidents spending. It's the middle class Americans who ALWAYS pay for everything that will get hurt the most going over that cliff. Their is just no way to make our elected officials responsible except pass a Constitutional Amendment that they "MUST" obey all the laws themselves they pass and I mean everyone drawing a Federal Paycheck.

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    • Mac...I agree with your statements. I feel that we are not just fighting numbers here but philosophy. The descepency between the rich and the middle class, much less the poor, has become way too extreme. This country has become economically so polar that the very philosophy we are built upon is in negotiation. The rich are using the middle/poor ignorant class in this war on the middle class. The intelligencia (Obama) while a part of the rich, see through their strategy. It is so interesting to watch the southern rednecks fight the very man that is protecting their philosophies.
      The rich are rich for a reason...they know how to manipulate...they are masters.

      More power to you Mr Obama and thank God for men of your strength and wisdom. PLease HANG TOUGH....even the ignorant will see your wisdom one day.

      Bury petreus. maybe jail??

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