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  • finland6507 Nov 8, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    Agree with you McBride, The corruption and graft in the military ind. is unbelievable.

    As I have posted "my area is infested with arabs" and they can confirm,"The U.S. will never rule them"! On another front, Do you remember that ad on t.v., the Chinese Prof. speaking to his class? First there was the British Empire, then the American Empire,"Now the Americans work for us" ! I forgot what the ad was about. I think some wiseman here posted ,"the average empire lasts 200 yrs,( barring Rome).Time's about up ! This is why I am anti U.S., we never hear Luxembourg or Norway bullying. We homeschool our daughter online due to bullying in the public system. She cut the swearing a lot. I was respectful speaking to the principal about "what kind of trash do they permit in the school". Diversity
    breeds violence. I read many stories of violence in England yesterday due to letting in the third world types.

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    • AGREE -- and evidence supports you -- schools no longer have discipline; teachers fear the lawyers; US does not practice what it says we have freedom of religion and respect...leave other nations alone; leave, respect their societies and their way of life even if it seems they wish to remain in the stone age...but we don't

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