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  • samf967 samf967 Nov 14, 2012 5:05 PM Flag

    Gary Kain speaks

    Did he say anything about DeMarco being replaced or a new mortgage refinancing program?

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    • Takeaways from Gary’s presentation:

      QE3 turning out as we described in Q1, but a very manageable environment if you have the right positions. You can design a portfolio that will continue to perform well despite the challenges of QE3.

      Menendez-Boxer Bill – as written, only 3% of our portfolio is exposed in any way, shape or form to that Bill – little effect if enacted. Only affects loans originated before June 2009 ---we have little, if any exposure there.

      On Ed Demarco – has done a great job (in coordination with Obama’s HUD and Treasury departments). FHA, on its own without Demarco, came up with the same June 2009 date Ed Demarco recommended. Idiosyncratic policy risk is at an all time low.

      No change in MREIT space regarding dividends

      We try to be as agnostic around interest rates as we can be – we use our expertise to position to a range of possible scenarios.

      Repo market –we’ve seen no changes seen on the repo side. Our repo agreements have no ties to market cap or stock price – realistically, no changes in terms, nor have we any concerns.

      Stock buybacks – we use real-time looks at book value to buyback stock. It’s a way to build book value.

    • Wow.. one analyst asked if they see 120 on MBS price coming! * eye roll *

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