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  • raybans2 raybans2 Nov 15, 2012 1:41 PM Flag

    I highly recommend that ...

    I forgot. You in particular should buy lots of stocks as Obama will certainly make things better. Don't you think? Also, recommend to all your other Democrat friends that they do the same. Please do. Make sure that they buy 100% margin as this will allow them to make the most money off of Obama's wonderful achievements. Then let me know how that works for you.

    How can you lose with Obama at the helm? It's a guarantee win. Go for it. Borrow money on the house and invest it all. It is an opportunity of a life time.

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    • Raybans.. your back doing your drunken hobo yelling at cars going buy rhetoric I see.

    • raybun....your arrogance far exceeds your checkbook. I can tell you are the of the Rom clones that believe they are destined to inherit/run the world...the rest of us are just not smart enough...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Yep ... today's rich Repubs are very concerned with passing along their wealth to their kids thereby creating a permanent privileged class ... the other 98% get to do the work. I like David Packard's idea: He gave $1 million to each kid, and the rest went into his foundation. He didn't want his kids to get so much money that they became useless sloths.

    • oh for F's sake....come off of it. obama won. a black man continues to lead the nation. i know that's hard for some people to deal with but damn, get over it, face reality, re-focus your frustrations towards something more productive, and get on with life. quit living in the past and look towards the future; just sitting there in a pool of your despair and anger will do you no good. now can we get back to AGNC instead of spewing divisive politics? we're all here for one thing, to better our portfolios and to make money!

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      • It has nothing to do with the fact that Obama is black! He is a socialist. He wants redistribution of the wealth. That is not what this country was founded on. There are millions of people in this country collecting disability, welfare and food stamps and using a govt issued cell phone and they are capable of working. Thats what repubs don't want to pay for. Millions working "off the books"
        Millions duping the system. We are on our way to becoming Greece.
        A good friend of mine made $1 million dollars last year and he paid $380k in federal income taxes. He paid another 100k or so in state taxes and soc security taxes. He gave 20k to charities. Please tell me how he isn't paying his fair share....sheesh.

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