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  • raybans2 raybans2 Nov 15, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

    I highly recommend that ...

    Of course I meant $1.6 trillion. Isn't it obvious as that is what Obama just recently said he wants to increase taxes revenues by because he said that his winning the election was a mandate for higher taxes, much higher than anything he ever suggested in the past? Even more than the deficit so he can buy toys, lots and lots of toys, oh my. Which, by the way, he can never achieve without dinging the middle class well below the $100k point. Keep in mind that Obama finally realized, late to the game, that having one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world is only making it harder for the US to compete abroad. So he has become committed to lowering them as all the other countries have been lowering them so that they can increase their exports. Now he wants 1.6 trillion more in revenue after reducing corporate income tax rates? But where will he get it from? Sorry but there are not enough rich people in this country to get that much money from.

    Too late to change your mind, he’s elected now. You should have seen this coming.

    Apparently Obama thinks that he is in the candy store. He has a mandate after all and I'm sure he won't cut a deal with the Republicans until he gets everything he wants no less. After all, he thinks he has a mandate as if he is Constantine receiving a vision on the battle field but more likely he is simply being full of himself. He’s probably commissioning a portrait of himself as we speak. I’m sure he feels like a great warrior returning from battle as if it has somehow transformed him into something more than he once was. I hope he comes down from this before we reach the fiscal cliff so we can get something accomplished.

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    • I totally agree with you on everything you've said rayban. Obama has said that his winning the election is a mandate for higher taxes.....that's the typical left wing spin on circumventing the real reasoning. The actual reason for his winning the election is he carried the major majority of the minorities because they know the hand that feeds them.....we have, what, 47 million people on food stamps (increased form 20 something with Bush), now who does anyone think THEY voted for? LOL! Obama also promised the Latinos he'd give them immigration who does anyone think THEY voted for? LOL

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