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  • qhuynhx qhuynhx Nov 16, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    No More Twinkies

    Forget about any food products to be imported from China. If you consume any of those products manufactured from there, you are running the risk of being poisoned. Their manufactured food products are not inspected or governed by standard as strictly as in US. So stay away from any food products which is made in China.

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    • I agree with this 100% and that is why I now only eat food that is made from scratch which we make ourselves because even the ingredients that many US manufacturers use come from China. In fact some ingredients can only be bought from China now days. I do the same for my dog. In fact my dog probably eats better than most people who eat preprocess food. She drinks bottled water as well as I do not trust tap water.

      I have wondered if my dog is like a canary in the coal mine because she is going on 8 years old but looks younger than other does of her breed that are four years old. But part of that is because we don't over feed her and keep her lean so she remains healthy. I noticed that she is more active and can jump and run better than other dogs her age of the same breed. These other owners exercise their dogs just as much so it must be in the food I figure. I'm guessing that since dogs have shorter life spans it is possible to see the effects of a poor diet more rapidly but that is just speculation on my part. I doubt any serious research has been done on this as who wants to know. Many dog owners over feed their dogs just like they do their children and thus they enable poor health in their pets and teach poor health habits in their children. I guess it's easier to just give in and do what they demand rather than care about their health.

      I have been drinking bottled water for 35 years. I don't drink any soft drinks because I don't know where they get their water to make them. And besides, the gas in them is not good for you, so I hear. The best thing to drink is water. I avoid fruit juices as well. Too much sugar.

      Someday they will require manufacturers to put the country of origin of the ingredients on labels in which case I will start buying this food more regularly. Until then I'm playing it safe. In the few cases where it is impractical to make from scratch, like bread or peanut butter, and the like, we buy organic but I'm not sure if that is a 100% guarantee. I get that Ezekiel sprouted bread made by food for life. It's ingredients are all organic. You can get it at Trader Joes or Sprouts. It's very low glycemic index.

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      • Get the #$%$ outta here. You give your dog bottled water? Organic dog biscuits? Dog food made with real steak?

        Dogs have become the biggest moochers. Back in the day they used to work, and if they were lucky, they got some gall bladders to munch on.

        Time to get dogs and cats off welfare.

      • Hey RayB,

        No guarantees..much of health is already wired Watson and Crick. Adele Davis, a nutritionist , died(70), of cancer and Euell Gibbons, a natural foods guru, died(64) of complications from Marfan's Syndrome.

        Wiring...all the grape nuts in the world couldn't save them. Might have prolonged the inevitable, but my motto is "moderation goes well with a glass of wine, good cheese and some delicious chips".....;-)


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