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  • kidshelleen51 Nov 17, 2012 9:02 AM Flag

    No More Twinkies

    I would bet that their weekly pay would be much higher once you lop off the "top", the execs who think they are really doing something- and take obscene amounts of money to do it.

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    • The bakers union misjudged the severity of the problem.They do have a valid point in that the upper management should have led by example in sharing in pay cuts;but they shot themselves in the foot when they refused to giveback,when the other unions already did.Here in NJ 560 lost jobs in a state where the UE rate is 9.7% and the state lost 11,700 jobs last month. Now where is Governor Christy going to buy his Twinkies?

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      • If the upper management was getting competitive salaries that they could receive at other companies then why would they not leave to go work at those other companies if they had their salary cut? I would have left if that was the case. Why would any of them have stayed? And without any management left to run the company then they would have folded rather quickly. Usually union workers are getting uncompetitive wages and that is the entire reason for forming a union in the first place because you could never get such a wage without a union. However with the ability of companies to bring a product to market in as few as 6 months using contract manufacturers from all over the world, this has made the union obsolete, for the most part, as the only thing they can guarantee to get you is a pink slip in most industries now days. Just about everything can be outsourced.

        If you imagine that upper management would volunteer to work at lower than competitive salaries so that the workers they manage could work at higher than competitive salaries then I think you imagine a level of altruism that even most Democrats don't have. Nobody does that. No one falls on their own sword for people that are not in their immediate family.

        Have you seen any doctors offering to take pay cuts to make health care more affordable to others? No you haven’t because people don’t do that if they don’t have to and they don’t.

        Isn’t what most people will do when put in certain situations pretty obvious stuff? Just put yourself in their shoes. You would leave take the better paying job just like anyone else would leave.

      • On eBay --- the price is going up faster than you can say AGNC.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 17, 2012 2:15 PM Flag

        This was the company's 3rd bankruptcy since 2004. The union saw how management improved its position over time while employees got squeezed and treated like cattle. The market for snacky-cakes has not decreased, particular not in governor Christy's gravitational field. These folks will find work, and the union will help them do that. Hopefully the improvement in the gross quality of said snacky-cakes will improve the market's sales. Now that the low-quality provider is kaput, high-quality providers can enter and consumers who'd abandoned all hope might rediscover the segment.

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