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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Nov 18, 2012 1:55 PM Flag

    OT - Humans are gullible idiots (as shared on Facebook)


    I like a lot of what you said, but I can't find a "like" button, since I don't "like" FB...;-)

    I was going to add in a slightly different way (than you already said), that the original author decries those who are bitter and adamant about their "causes" while his tone belies the very same thing, ie, he is bitter and adamant in his hatred of all those who are not like himself, which defaults to his "cause".

    "Himself" being the holder of all Truth. Ah, there it is ...what then is truth. According to the author:

    ""Enjoy this kind of life, because while you were bitter about your own personal stuff that will have 0 meaning when you die, I am not a slave ....

    His "Truth" is thus stated. How is he so sure that his brand of the "Truth" is True?? He ironically, and quite comically, IMO, falls right into the trap that his rant decries. He bitterly presents his Truth and calls all those not abiding by the same, "Idiots". How many Goose Steps is he away from creating his version of a utopia by silencing all those who reject his thesis??

    I like diversity of opinion. I enjoy listening to folks like YBF, who is 180 degrees away from my political and religious persuasion. I honor those who fought in wars(even though I hate conflicts like Vietnam or Afghanistan) especially to rid the world of the Adolf Hitler's and Saddam Hussein's. I personally believe that there is a Heaven and a hell and it does matter how we live our lives and what we believe.

    The danger of those like the author is that they try to silence and thereby marginalize folks like myself by saying such catchwords, regarding those who believe differently than themselves, as "haters", "puppets", "slaves", "fanatics"(just re-read his article with these words in mind). I can hear the glass breaking already(KRISTALLNACHT...look it up)...

    Regards, (and thank you Arsh for pointing out those who are a danger to a free society, which welcomes diversity of opinion),


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    • DocReits, what a pleasure to read your well written post.

    • What I wrote was written completely without rant or anger. This was a calm depiction of a perspective that is mine. When "you" look at a situation from one perspective, for instance being vehemetly pro Israel or pro Palestine, "you" miss the point that it is horrible what BOTH sides are doing to each other. So when people state I am pro these groups, they are already wrong by not admiting that both are wrong for killing. This is a situation about killing over land. Then there is a situation of the media, which poses one side or the other. It is not objective, because there is always a side (or agenda) of one or the other. It is paid for by the certain few to show one group is wrong while the other is always right. It is not true or objective. There are no clean situation for such a situation. Then, let's dumb the masses down by bring 95% of tv shows to either lie, cheat, or put down others. We can go on and on. My point is that I do not want to be part of these kind of attacks on my personality and freedom. Because feeding me genetically modified food for me to later buy pharmaceutical pills just to keep me longer enough to pay my money is immoral, no matter which way you put it. And anyone who disagrees, in my mind, is either a complete buffoon, or a misguided mass. One always chooses, or at least tries to choose their path, but no matter what, in each situation that I encounter, no matter how it could better me financially or other materialistic manners, I will always choose a moral, to me decision. I have been given plenty of chances to make an incorrect decision: Ruining a fellow musician at Juilliard to better my position with a teacher, which is did not do, and plenty other in that and lower and higher situations. The best way is not to interpret a perspective that is one sides, otherwise you are that mass that cannot think for themselves. Let's say I am Armenian. I will never say that during the genocide Turkey is fully to blame. Never! That is because life is so much more complicated than just vehemetly pinning one side over the other. We will never know all the information that happened during any way, during any situation which we were not even a part of. We might know some limited information, but those are the ones that were written down. The only thing we can do as individuals is answer for ourselves, not a building, a street, an avenue, a county, city, country, a given time in the world, and exc. Every moment there is a decision to do something or not, to answer or not, to like or not, but let whoever deals with these issues, if they even do, let them deal with it. We answer for our own action. And don't ever state that I am bitter about it. Otherwise you are lying and interpreting it this way to diminish my positive nature. Everywhere I have gone, have people remembered and state that I have helped them in situations, so bitterness or anger rant is completely wrong!

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