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  • subsold subsold Nov 18, 2012 4:37 PM Flag

    OT - Humans are gullible idiots (as shared on Facebook)

    well arhsak...not too popular....but I agree with some of your points. I would like to know how the people you respect that freed themselves did it, as I am frustrated by this political nonsense I read everyday. It's s small world today and even if I sequester myself in my closet, at home, I can't get away from the results of these peoples stupidity.


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    • I could easily put my father into the this subject, who was able to achieve incredible things as a human being and creator, while against the soviet union's idiology (during Brezhnev's time) at its peak of lunacy and the united states' perspective in the 80's

    • Most of the these dislikes were probably posted by those who did not like Doc's mlp picks ;) But we will show them wrong Doc :). There are a lot of intellegent people in the world, this is why there is always hope. But the hope starts with the human being. This human being can have a discussion with the other and then another. Writing posts is a difficult process because it is easily misinterpreted. To meet and speak with the person is much better. Idiocy will always exist, but so will intellectual, rational thinking.

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