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  • xionrevolutions xionrevolutions Dec 10, 2012 9:11 PM Flag

    I'm in AGNC with 4,914 Call Options...let's Rock n Roll : )

    I'm still all in AGNC and hanging in there... = )

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • X , for the first time in a long time a thread caches my attention.

      You went from 5k to half a million in two years and you buy that call , all in ?
      #$%$ dood !?????

      What happened in the past is NOT predictive of what will happen in the future.
      I somewhat agree with the run up thesis BUT any pull back in An OVERVALUED market will decimate your "bet" . Any type of glitch in the ponzi scheme will also.

      Sell your merde buy the stock and start collecting some income for a change. You can do more gambling with the 50k. I.ll be back. Good luck to you and the others.

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      • ""I somewhat agree with the run up thesis ""

        No you don't...for if you did, you would understand X's MO. He did not change 5k into 500k in two years collecting dividends. That would have given him 178 shares in 2010....think about it....

        What's the difference going "all in" now, with all he has (500k), or in 2010, going "all in" with all he had (5K). Same deal, he would have lost all he had then as he will now, if there is no run. As he has said, if he loses it all, he will start over again with, (I believe 50k, he has in his rainy day account).

        His "thesis" is "all in" on his favorite stock(my fav too)... AGNC....;-)


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      • I speculated a lot in AGNC call options, that is how I got up there so quick. My goal in every trade was to double my money every 3 months. I post below a simple example of how it can be done in 2 years, if you are somehow able to successfully do it every 3 months.

        5k x 2 = 10k
        10k x 2 = 20k
        20k x 2 = 40k
        40k x 2 = 80k
        80k x 2 = 160k
        160k x 2 = 320k
        320k x 2 = 640k
        640k x 2 = $1,280,000

        Another thing you have to consider is the emotional stress that options trading can cause. I do not advocate to anyone to invest in such investment vehicles, they will do so at their own risk. Options can be both rewarding and destructive.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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