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  • architecturaldiva architecturaldiva Nov 27, 2012 10:32 PM Flag

    The Math of Taxes

    OK, all you GUYS! Let's have some fun with this... how about a survey about our situation, relative to politics...Like State we live in, our age, gender/ethic, party registration, our voting habits (always, usually, sometimes, never - vote), our voting history (sometimes vote repub, but usually dem, or whatever), basic demographics...embellish as you wish, but hit the basics...I think it will give us all a new basis for discussion...I wish the entire country could do this. I think it would really help with the stalemate, to learn how similar we probably are. The rhetoric is awful :) I know most of you will not be honest,'s mine:



    white female

    Not declared

    always vote
    mostly dem...I did vote for Reagan (x 2), I might have even voted for Nixon...not sure about that (I was very young at that time)... and the first GB and a few local repubs.

    small business owner - professional, Architect (Architects are consistently among the most "respected" professionals, in public opinion polls, but are not compensated commensurate with our impact on society. Sorry, just a little soap boxing, there...btw, there is no "architect's union". Which I think is really a good thing (paren within paren is probably not right, but (how's that, for a dem voter to say it's great that the union isn't involved in Architectural Practice?))))

    Married, two daughters, two grandchildren...getting close to retirement, but not yet...not wealthy, but comfortable. (I do live in California, after all :)

    I, certainly, am not sure about this, but I think we are all very close together on important issue...we are just letting passion get in the way of rationality....AND our ability to communicate is "not-so-hot".

    I'm probably going to regret this...Diva

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    • You should make this a separate post, I'm curious about the background of everyone on here.

    • White Male, married
      Latino/Italian-American heritage
      Financial Professional
      Always vote
      Mostly Republicans
      but I am more of a centrist on many many issues.
      2 kids
      not rich, comfortable. ( depending on who you are)

      I am really interested in hearing what everyone else's status is...
      I think thats where all of the political differences lie.

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      • White male, Married
        BBA degree with minor in Econ. graduated Summa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Chi
        First in family to graduate HS, College. Paid my way through with work and scholarships, graduating with calloused hands, no debt, and an attitude.
        Latino heritage
        Always vote
        Never voted for a Republican after '92, never will, barring a sea change political realaignment.
        As a centrist, I am obligated to despise todays republican party.
        Self made millionaire, but of the comfortable sort. To break comfortable you need $50MM minimum.

        I had to mention the academic achievement to counter the idiots who call me an idiot, only to invite the freaking troglodytes who impugn science and reason to chime in with their anti-education bigotry.

        No, I wont leave the board.

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