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  • gzr2028 gzr2028 Nov 26, 2012 2:22 PM Flag

    Why does the Left invest???

    For the same reasons you do, not to help the economy or create lobs, or any other nonsense you propose, but simply to make money.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • The Left is divided up into two main groups One is the wealthy leadership class and the stupid (but earnest followers) who are assigned to post on message boards in support of their enlightened leaders. The public policy of leftest leaders causes more unemployment thus creating more followers. After more more years of the "God Heads"leadership the so called 47% will be 75% through supporting more entitlements and creating fewer jobs and opportunities for advancement.The future looks bleak when a majority trade their vote for a hand out.

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      • I am really tired of reading these stupid messages from cranks like mr.phil2u.

        The 'wealthy leader' who 'assigned' me to write this message is as real as the imaginary squirrels you chase in your miswired head. The misrewiring in your brain that causes you to see reality through a funhouse mirror also prevents you from assimilating facts such as post-war democrat administrations have led republicans in job creation.

        And one of the reasons you are an $$$hole reits r us is your tacit acquiescence to the right wing side show freaks while trying to chase others off the board.

        remember this: stupid or dishonest. If you are republican you are one or the other.

      • LIberalism forever against the evil of corporate greed and CEO compensation that is 10,000x what the average person makes. God is on our side.

      • Wrong as usual, the top 2% are the biggest benefactors of handouts.

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