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  • gary_kain gary_kain Nov 26, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    Why does the Left invest???

    Depends how you measure prosperity.
    GDP per capita : only Norway outranks the US. (of the 3 you mentioned)
    Just because someone invents the better mouse trap does not mean he has done so at the expense of others.
    In Norway Sweden and Denmark, money is not as important as it is here.
    Happiness is derived by doing what you love to do ,your realtionships, your family life.
    Not about how big your house is and how muchh stuff you have.
    There, people are happy to be the small cog in the big machine, get your paycheck, go home.
    They are not capitalists.
    Watch "House Hunters International" these people live in tiny apartments drive small cars and ride bicycles to work.
    If haviing money was not important to you, not having money would not make you angry or sad.

    I am not saying this is a bad thing. It is just different.

    PS, I want the stuff. But I want everyone to work as hard as I do to get it.

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    • Gary,
      Not totally true anymore. Scandanavians do tend to live in small apartments in the cities because european cities are older and they built smaller apartments back then. However many Scandanavians own second homes at the beach or in the country. They drive small cars for the same reasons americans are rapidly moving to small cars, fuel costs ($8 for gallon) and a lack of parking. Also, again like in many U.S. cities many younger people choose to use bicycles for ecological as well as health issues rather than as a neccessity. They enjoy far more leisure time and vacations than americans, retire earlier and with higher retirement pay, their children can attend any University they can qualify for without incurring staggering levels of debt and no one has to be concerned with high costs of health care. Many of these things they enjoy are the reason that most americans need a lot of money to pay for here. Again the difference is that the majority enjoy a much higher standard of living there than here and report higher levels of happiness and sattisfaction with their lives.

    • Gee, that's a well-researched post, Gary. Here's a couple of reasons that money {GNP} goes a lot further in those three countries than it does here:

      [1] No military. We spend almost a trillion a year on the military ... they spend close to zero.

      [2] Single-payer, national health insurance there provides better care, and costs about 25% less per capita mostly because we spend 30% of every health care dollar on admin not care [note: this is before ObamaCare - I don't know about now] and they spend 5% or less on admin.

      [3] They do not spend tons of money subsidizing argriculture, various foreign aid favorites, pork barrel projects, etc.

      Anyway, check out a few things before you decide.

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