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  • channelcat57 channelcat57 Nov 26, 2012 11:58 PM Flag

    Why does the Left invest???

    My ol' Pop usedta say, If youre not a radical in your Twenties, ya got no balls..if youre not a liberal when when you hit Thirty, ya got no heart...AND if youre not Conservative when youre in your Forties...well.. ya got no brain.

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    • LOL ccat,

      I enjoy listening to both sides, although the majority of the posts on this thread and elsewhere are from those with a liberal bent. I also assume that at least half of the readership here and elsewhere is conservative. Therefore, the math is rather straightforward...;-)


    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Nov 27, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

      Winston Churchill invented that cliche' at a time and in a country where both the "liberals" and "conservatives" were pitted against aristocrats and every voter was educated well enough to know the difference between democracy and selfishness.

      In this country, at this time, if you're ever "conservative" you have no compassion. Not even if you put "compassionate conservative" on a bumper sticker. Maybe especially not if you're willing to do that.

    • I think the older people get the more liberal they become in all actuality because they realize you can't take it with you. I prefer passion over cold calculation in many matters, and liberals are generally more intelligent than greedy businessmen.

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      • Bbkenno,

        Dont let these bad actors give business a bad name. business is not inherently greedy.

        This generation that came up in the 80s and which Romney is the current perfect example, they dont represent the entire business community.

        Remember the two men at or near the pinnicle of American enterprise, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates do notbexemplifybin anyway what these people are saying here.

    • I followed the opposite pattern....what would Pop say....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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