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  • nick_brody Nov 28, 2012 8:42 AM Flag

    Fiscal Cliff

    I think that everyone should have healthcare.
    I think that we should pay for the ligitamately poor, sick disabled.
    I think everyone collecting a check should be drug tested.
    I think the entire tax code should be overhauled , not tweaked. and yes in the overhaul the super rich would pay much more in taxes, but everyone would pay something..I think thats fair.
    I think govt spending should be cut.
    I think the size of govt is too big.
    I think foreign aid should be decimated.
    I think we must maintain our military.
    I want Obamacare and I want it to be good healthcare ( I am retiring early...and soon)
    I think Obamacare should start as the healthcare of congress.
    I think companies should be penalized for exporting jobs.
    I think there should be some sort of labor law where if you start at min wage, every year you get a 10-12% raise with a lifetime cap. Incentivizing you staying with your employer. If you change companies you will be forced to start at the bottom again.

    These are my thoughts, they don't have to be yours.

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