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  • jcato2001 jcato2001 Nov 29, 2012 2:56 PM Flag

    Dec 22, 2012 calls

    EX is either going to be before or after DEC OPEX. Right now nobody knows which. The DEC 12 and JAN 13, 29-30-31 strikes are all pretty close in price, the JAN 13 a little higher, but is this time premium only?

    Will the date of the EX have any impact on these contract prices? I can hold either contract and get the DIV, it's just a matter of when I take the shares. If the price rises to say 35, you win either way.

    I'm just wondering if one of these contract prices will rise or fall based on when EX date news is, specifically before or after DEC OPEX.

    Ive seen some things happen to option pricing after the EX date, but will anything like that happen when the date of EX is announced?

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    • Obviously I dont want to buy Jan 13 calls and hold till after EX. They will be worth less, which points to the DIV being priced in. The DEC 12 should behave the same way, I'm guessing the DIV is priced into both but is it skewed one way or another based on a guessed EX date?

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