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  • olee2116 olee2116 Dec 3, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Crazy right wingers that want to tax the poorest

    You're living off student loans. When you work, 15k is taxed with state, SS and medicare tax.

    And don't lie, you're getting money from money and daddy. I paid my own way for college and I did not travel. I studied, worked, and got my feet wet in the stock market. In fact, I did not travel until I was making a high income from my business. Silly child.

    Let me know when you're in the real world kid. I have a college degree and built a successful business.

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    • My parents are paying for tuition, I'm paying for everything else. I normal Joe is not paying for tuition while working his full time job though, so this would not be a fair comparison.

      No, I make my 15k/year by working an internship like most college kids do these days. So I'm essentially making $20/hour for just 3-4 months (the summer), to survive for 12 months. I pay taxes, more than the average 15k/year person in fact, because I"m making slightly over 1k/week (yes I work over 40 hours/week in case you were testing my math).

      I just calculated my expenses over the last 12 months. It was $14,792. And yes, I made slightly more than 15k (it was more like 18k, was just rounding bc you said 15k). During that 12 months I traveled to Toronto, New Orleans, New York City, Chicago, and just purchased a ticket to Seattle a couple days ago. I fund myself, (and a large portion of my girlfriend) for everything I do. If I can survive off of 3-4 months of employment at $20/hour and still travel, I don't see how working $8/hour for 12 months can really be that challenging.

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      • Are you paying rent, a mortgage, renters insurance, house insurance, utilities, car payments, car insurance, unexpected home repairs, car repairs, health insurance, medical bills, prescriptions, property taxes? I don't think so or you would know getting paid 8$ doesn't begin to cover that stuff. So luckily for you, it sounds as if you will be able to cover all that plus all the non essentials like eating out, travel, movies, buying things, enjoying life. Enjoy it but please don't look down on those who do not.

      • You don't understand because you are a child with no life experience. I already caught you in one lie. You don't support yourself. Your parents do. You just admitted it.

        First, you forget that I was also a college student and $20/hour internships are unheard off, unless you are in graduate school/law school. Name the company you are doing an internship for. Name the internship.

        Second, your math is off. You're earning $12,800 BEFORE TAX. Your take home pay is going to be about 8k.

        So your expenses alone are 15k. Plus travel add another 3k (another lie, I travel too and that barely covers airfare, it's really 5k). You just admitted you support your girlfriend, so let's add another 5k.

        So now we're look at 25k in expenses on 8k of income. You would be living in a cardboard box if not for your parents.

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