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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Dec 18, 2012 1:05 PM Flag

    Fiscal cliff undate !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obama gives Boehner a #$%$.

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    • I hope people get to read this...this no reply, after so many replies is nuts...I've taken to just using the message list, but then, sometimes, it's unclear who the comment is directed at...hopefully, Yahoo figures this out, SOON!..

      So, this is at lots of my posts....why do you have a concealed carry permit!!! Is it because guys like Ollee (or whatever his name was) is out to get you because he lost all his money following your advise! Hahaha...You are always clear about your advise being only your opinion, and shouldn't be blindly followed, so that's probably not it.

      I'm maybe way out of line, here, if your occupation puts you in serious jeopardy, on a regular basis. If that's true, please accept my apology. I used to fly to Phoenix, then drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff, AZ, pretty regularly, for my work. I would sometimes stop at a McDonalds, along the road, to get an iced tea (or even a softserve :), to help me with the time on the road. More than once, I saw people with a holster and pistol on their belt, standing in the line at McD's. The first time I saw that, I thought, wow, this is the wild, wild west...but then Robert Conrad and Ross Martin were nowhere to be seen. I was shocked and terrorized by that scene.

      We have some guns, in our house...remnants of the Watts riot days, but they are long-since forgotten (but, admittedly still here). I get a little concerned when I think about the possibility of actually choosing to deploy those things...without very good knowledge of how to do that, and (probably) without actual knowledge of who the bad guys really are. Visions of the next big food....etc, and all the people roaming the streets, looking for stuff to survive, and us, wanting to defend what we have...I guess we got by that, yesterday, right? :) (no Mel Gibson, either!)

      You had your apology, earlier today, for getting so into the options play, etc. This is mine... Sorry, I just don't think arming, according to the NRA, "the good guys", to defend our school kids, is a very good idea. There has to be a better way to improve our country's performance in this regard. I have known several cops (some in my own family(extended, not immediate)) that seem to be one-little-step away from being criminals. The idea of putting NRA members, with guns, in our schools, seems pretty crazy.

      OK...I'm sorry to the entire AGNC community, and in particular Doc Reits, as he has shown immeasurable tolerance with me, as I try leaning his techniques, but we all need to ask, (back to LA) "can't we just all get along?" R.I.P., Rodney.

      Thanks, Diva

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      • bowhunterron Dec 23, 2012 6:46 AM Flag

        Good Morning Diva, here is my take,anybody could guess I am a hunter and owned guns, but my passion is hunting with Bow and Arrow. I have a concealed weapons permit as well and I carry a personal defense weapon when I am in areas of high risk.The purpose of my post is not to defend my right to carry, but to ask why we are even having this conversation.
        Sooner or later, the anti-gun folks are going to have to put aside their gun agenda and address the real problem of why these horrible incidents are happening. We are going to have to address a failed mental health system, one that does not allow a Dr to put out any kind of notification when he feels someone has a compelling desire to hurt or kill. A system that really has no place for this patient to go for further help, a system that does not allow insurance money to be available for this ill person to receive help. The senseless killings are caused by sick people, not guns or knives or bombs or rocks.
        If there was some way to remove every gun in America, that same sick person would be killing with something else.
        So, should teachers be armed or should security be installed at every school. I think so. Our enemies have learned they can be more successful killing our soldiers using bombs attached to their bodies, then using guns in Iraq and Afghanistan.
        I dread the day we have our first sick person walk into a school or sports stadium or what ever carrying a bomb they learned how to make off the internet under their jacket and that becomes the method of choice for mass murder.
        In a school situation the only way you can stop that person is with armed intervention.

      • In two segments since Yahoo is once again not allowing my post:

        Part one:

        Hi Diva,

        I laugh at my patients who carry their big side arms. We in WA, weirdly have an open carry law(one of the most liberal states in the nation...great huh, we can all get stoned now, AND carry un-concealed weapons..pretty hysterical if it wasn't so tragic). Oh all of the liquor is out of our liquor stores at your local 7-eleven's... so there's that too.

        You side step the issue by your line of reasoning though. You, nor anyone else is going to ban guns in America. It just will never happen. There will be armed rebellion before that happens. Then you will have to hire Mel Gibson( Mad Maxx) to ride again.

        Extremes are not the order of the day. So did not address my main point at all...compromise. Push for assault weapon bans. Instead you focus on the anecdotal, and avoid the bigger picture. No, I am not making light of what recently happened. It was horrible and I grieve for the parents and relatives.

        Go for what you can achieve in reducing the number of guns out there. Just saying all guns are bad and citing references in other countries where they have to use swords to murder is ridiculous and weirdly funny if it wasn't so lame. Really!! Is that the argument of the sane to limit guns? I can see it now. The ultra liberals ad sound bite: "No on guns in America. Limit violent death to decapitation by sword only". C' sound like a smart lady. Go for what you can get, not for what you want...


    • So if Congress doesn't cut spending and raise taxes it will happen automatically?

    • 12/19/2012 Boehner side steps the O'bone. Talking heads are begging Boehner to just bend over and take it like a man. Vice Pres Biteme would step in but has been rightly reassigned to study a mentally ill shooter. Senator Schumer says he expects to see a agreement by end of year.Bad sign in its self. I sold some to free up money for a possable sell off .

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