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  • faaqcee faaqcee Dec 18, 2012 2:49 PM Flag

    I Hope This is Not It!

    AGNC reached 31.31 today and faded.
    Will tomorrow bring about a substantial rise?
    Some here think that sometime Wed. will be the peak.
    I hope today's 31.31 was not it.
    Will AGNC rise the rest of the week?
    Are there any amended opinions as to AGNC's peak, given today's movement?
    Thanks for your time.

    Good luck and go AGNC,

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    • Sellers are still prevalent in the AGNC market place, keeping the share price (and options) low. It appears that the big players, who typically try to capture the dividend and hold for up to 60 days while the price recovers to pre-dividend levels,have yet to move in. They want the best price they can get and have seen the weakness in AGNC share price for the past two weeks, My best guess now is that those players will move in after lunch on Thursday or Friday morning until noon and take whatever price they can get. Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be another down day --- the last two Wednesdays have seen 1/2 point or more losses in share price.

      At this rate, we will be lucky to see $32.25 as the top ... not as big a Christmas as we expected to see. Looking ahead to 2013 Q1, I expect to see a fair amount of uncertainty in share price because of the fear that AGNC will cut the dividend for the entire 2013 year. Thus, Q1 will be a redux of 2012 Q4 --- limited, if any, growth.

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    • NLY just declared and only missed by .05. It's up after hours and so is AGNC.
      Hopefully this gives a boost to all mreits tomorrow.

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    • I hope not Foxy. I'm still thinking it'll go down to the wire - Fri.
      But we need to break $32 and it's not looking pretty. Thought we'd end up around $32 today.
      I was thinking $34+ last week. This week I'd be elated with $33.


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    • Foxy, Look back at what AGNC did last two Dec runs. Not much strentgh there. I don't know where it tops out. I'm hoping it finishes strong but it's more hope then anything. I'm picking an exit time close to Ex and living with whatever the price action is. However I played small this time.

      On a seperate note I'm pulling for you Xion

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