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  • divhunt44 divhunt44 Dec 20, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    Xion . Have not heard from You. "my change in plans"

    I'm holding til Friday 12/21/12 to opt out of my March 31 calls . bought @ 1.50 Priced now at 1.00 or will hold them for the next div run-up in March .. I payed more but also have the time value of the extra three months .. I'm still holding out for $32.50 this Friday! Which is b/e for me .or will wait until March for $34.00 & then sell. for a double .. or lose the entire trade in March .. if AGNC trades lower then $31.00 at that time ..
    I was considering a double down @ .75 last week to lower my b/e costs.. but decided to stay with my original plan .. as i don't want to risk any more on this one trade ..
    My question is .. Are You still holding out for Friday 12/21/12 . Hoping for $32.50. As I am also .. or do you plan to wait until January .. and take pot luck with the fiscal thing .. and hope for a higher stock price .. Maybe $33.00 or $33.50.
    I understand you have 2,000 contacts to my 100 .. but i still do value your thoughts and the other people on this board .. who have something to contribute.
    I'm holding 90% cash at this point and waiting for better times. But still need to stay in the game.

    Div Hunt 44

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    • From the thread authored by X just a few threads down the board:

      ""I have exited AGNC today and I have moved onto EPD $48 March 2013 calls, I have purchased 363 of them for 2.75. My goal now is to slowly recover my losses and learn from my mistakes...that is the best I can do. Good luck to us all : )""

      You are on your own divhunt44...;-)

      Well, besides me, and some hardcores. I will be out on the open tomorrow, no matter the price...

      Good luck!


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      • 1 Reply to reits_r_us
      • Tomorrow may surprise @ $32.00 plus.. and I'll sell .. Otherwise, I'll lick my wounds .and just wait it out til March .. And still hope to make a decent trade .. Long 100 March 31 calls .. AGNC
        As far as the March trade .. "Rather have it & not need it, than need it & not have it" Sounds like i heard this before somewhere ..

        To me - You guys play it to close to the vest .. I like some insurance in the longer time trades .
        Hence.. the March 31's for me in AGNC .

        Actually .. why not go out to June and cover the next two dividend runs .. or for that mater .. go out to Jan 2014 .. If you believe in this AGNC for the long term ..
        I do and i bet on it .. just not so close to the vest ..

        Sorry, didn't read Xion post when he SOLD 2,000 AGNC Jan 31's .. I did see he bought or was thinking of buying EPD March 38's For how much? 2.75 / 2.25?

        Didn't really see when he bought or at what price .. My best wishes on that trade ..

        And.. Sorry for any losses on the last one .. Best Wishes ..

        Div Hunt 44

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    • In a previous post, I mentioned my exit from AGNC on Wednesday and I am now in EPD $48 March 2013 Calls. I had to cut my losses and am recovering right now : (

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