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  • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Dec 21, 2012 11:31 AM Flag

    #$%$ you, John Boehner


    How's that profit motive supposed to work when you're tanking the market?

    There's no bigger liar than the head liar of the Republican party.

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    • If you believe both sides should moderate their positions (which is what I hear most often) then you must believe we need "increased revenue" (read: higher taxes or shifted tax systems projected to increase revenue to the US Treasury) as well as cuts in spending.

      At this time what is being rolled around has nothing to do with cuts in spending. Zero dollars and zero cents being cut at this time.

      What is being proposed is increases in taxes and no decreases in spending. Accounting for CBO numbers and base-line budgeting I'm a little inaccurate:

      Increased taxes and increased spending are what is on the table.

      So - If I were a Republican and got nothing of what I was asking for, I'm not sure why I would strike a deal when the poison-pill gives me some cuts. The same would be true if I were a Democrat - why would I take a Republican deal that didn't offer revenue gains?

      I'm not arguing that they are both right, wrong or whatever. I'm simply pointing out that one side has moved (negotiating a new tax line), and the other side has not moved (spending cuts).

      This usually results in an impasse.


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    • Take a deeper look in the mirror to see where the real problem lies. All you, baby.

      It's extremists like you -- on BOTH sides of these issues -- who are the problem. You're all about blaming the other side. All about anger and self-righteousness. You don't appear willing to try to see the real merits of the "other side", not without being facetious or self-deceiving. You certainly won't compromise in any MEANINGFUL way.

      Washington is just a reflection of how far we continue to fall as a nation.

      Also sad is how much bandwidth I see wasted by people on message boards (like this one) & social media everywhere, vehemently arguing one side or another with no actual signs that ANYONE is even slightly listening or altering their viewpoint.

    • Wishihadsaidthat!!! My point was that in a real negotiation the public would not know all the details, it would have been handled in private and the agreement presented a united plan. Do you remember Ronald Reagan and Tip Oneal shooting their mouths off to the media. This whole thing was a charade. I invested my portfolio accordingly.

    • Republicans must have shorted the hell out of markets.

    • It's not Obama,s fault, nothing is!!! President Obama should go into history as the irresponsible president. The lesson : don't send a street agitator to do a presidents job.

    • the death knell - emotions.

    • unless it is the head liar of the Democratic party.

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