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  • ray858945 ray858945 Jan 4, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Happy New Year!!

    " ... we drift closer and closer to a communist dictatorship."

    Wow, why do you say that? Is it because of ObamaCare? Since we are the only civilized country in the world without a single-payer [government] health care system, you must think the rest of the world is already communist. Is that right, Tay?

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    • WARNING Politics and Civics with very little AGNC related content to follow:

      The abuse of the interstate commerce clause to create Obamacare is just one of many examples, but not one that I am personally particularly focused on. The fascism and curtailment of civil liberties, (so called PATRIOT act, FISA rubber stamps, TSA pocket pool, bankster bailouts, etc... ) began under JW Bush and have been extended and expanded upon by Obama. Unfortunately, it's not just the executive branch that is destroying our capitalist country. Congress hasn't approved a budget since 1997, yet they spend unaccountably. Congress hasn't declared war since 1941 yet we unaccountably fight wars. And then there's the Fed banksters who are running a grand monetary experiment, unelected, and accountable to no one. Some say that we need to rewrite the Constitution, but I disagree. We have a fantastic Constitution all we need to do is adhere to it and it's very clear to me that we are not doing so. The good news for us mREIT investors in the short term is that the POTUS, Congress, and the Fed all want housing to recover. The bad news is that in the longer term our country, which I love, will be destroyed. Having tons of money and land didn't help capitalist in revolutionary Russia, in fact it hurt. Here we are now, diligently investing and trading and thereby accumulating greenbacks, land, and toys, but will we be able to keep it if our capitalist system is destroyed?

      1917 initially looked promising for Russian peasants as they took what they wanted for free. Obamacare and Obamaphones appear to be a victory for the poor, but just as the 1917 peasants couldn't anticipate Stalin's 1921 destruction of small land holders, those who now cheer Obamacare and Gun Control can't anticipate what the State will ultimately do with it's new found police powers. I traded on the wrong side of the police state in 2012, EPA secret agent Richard Windsor wreaked havoc on my coal miner investments, and as a result I barely broke even for the year. I have wisely gone back to investing in mREITS in 2013 with the full blessing of the State.

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