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  • Hi Doc,
    Would you mind sharing your VIX trade?
    I'm trying to understand why you wrote puts when the underlying was high last week ( in the 20's)... Wouldn't it make more sense to write the puts when the underlying is low but you anticipate a rise?


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    • Igster, Doc will clarify, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about VIX puts. I think he was saying that he sold puts on various stocks when the VIX was high (when this happens, all option implied volatilities are generally high).

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      • Ephort, you are probably right, thanks...

        This got me thinking on trading the VIX, surely with the debt theater coming soon the VIX will go up again, no? I looked up the VIX symbol on my brokerage , nothing came up, but I found VXX that trades similarly to VIX, yes?
        So, what about shorting puts on VXX with march expiration and covering when the debt theater starts. Any thoughts or ideas?


      • Thanks ephort, I'll check out SPY and do more research. VXX looks scary on the 2 year chart, I won't touch that..
        I'm all cash now so I've been researching ideas for the next trade, I won't chase AGNC, but want to take advantage of the next political drama scare in the markets.

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