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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Jan 7, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

    Dawn of the next bull market and the Age of the Cell. Happy New Day

    My "green" daughter bought a Prius. It will do 12 miles on a charge before the gasoline motor takes over. I have no doubt that they will improve them as time goes on. Electric motors might be a good match for a school or municiple bus that travels a certain number of miles per day but i dont want one for personal transportation.

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    • The American Gas for No Car (AGNC) board is rolling along nicely today...Mr. 2u, your "green daughter" should be applauded for making the statement and effort to move in the right direction when it comes to energy demand. The gas motor doesn't ever "take over", it supplements, etc. I'm not about to argue the details of that, but the Prius, long after it's battery-only phase is exhausted is still providing a more gas-less drive than almost any other car.

      There is a coming battery technology, I just heard about. The essence is the structure of the battery is sponge-like, rather than wafer-like, which has been the case since the start of batteries, I think. What this does, is shorten the distance the electrons must travel from one "plate" to the other. The result of that is longer-lasting batteries of the same size and weight, but...more importantly a battery that can recharge in as few as 2 or 3% of the time it takes normal batteries. Imaging pulling your PT Cruiser (just a guess) into the "gas" station and getting that 300 mile battery recharged in the time it would have taken to fill that 15 gallon tank with gas! That'll make electric a viable power source for cars, don't ya think?

      I heard a group of car designers being interviewed, several years ago. They were asked to predict the future relative to power gas, diesel, fuel cell, nuclear, hamsters on a wheel, etc. The consensus answer was electric because it is the only power source that can be produced in so many ways. You can burn wood, to make steam to run a generator, you can harvest directly from the sun, you can dam a river and produce it in hydro plants, you can even produce electricity by burning fossil fuels, who knew?! , etc, etc get the point, I bet. If the motor pool was all electric, we could fuel it with whatever we have the most of and is cheapest to use (and doesn't render the world uninhabitable). That scenario would adjust, over time, to meet ever-changing energy resources.

      I'm not a big fan of electric cars either, yet. But I think some support, rather than bashing would be a good thing. Once the recharge/battery-swapping-stations are a reality, and the single battery range can outrun my bladder, I'm in!

      PS - to Doc. I think you have an alternative career waiting for you in science fiction writing. :)

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      • Hey Diva,

        Thanks, I have written children's fiction for years...they get my jokes...;-) I was playing with my kids and 3 year old grandchild in a new drift of 12 inch powder today. Sledding over jumps is getting more challenging...

        Google " Tesla Roadster" and watch the cool video. I am all for electric...especially a Tesla!! Ferrari fast, cool, all electric, a fraction of the price(55-125k)but unfortunately quiet...hey, I can live with that....;-)



    • Latest Volt'll do 50 miles now. That takes care of most daily commutes both ways.

      It's going to get better as battery technology improves.

      You can send your transportation dollars to Iran. I'll choose my local power company.

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