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  • wishisaidthat wishisaidthat Jan 8, 2013 11:01 PM Flag

    Dawn of the next bull market and the Age of the Cell. Happy New Day

    mr.phil2u, I have a brother-in-law in Montana that thinks like you. I hope those kinds of people are all up there where it's plenty remote and maybe snowed in, and their firearms won't reach us normal people...

    I made this comparison because of things like your constant use of "Dim"ocrats, etc. That's just Rush-stuff and makes you seem pretty "dim"-witted, as you continue to use that kind of language. probably meant "groveled", right.

    Somebody has to correct the nonsense of the GWB administration, and it ain't easy. The world hates us because of GWB. We've made some progress since he's been gone, but still have more to do.

    The ol' "carry a big stick"-stuff isn't going to work anymore. There are too many strong players. We can't continue to bluster or we will pay a serious price for that attitude.

    Why should we Americans have so much more than the rest of the world's population? We have to accept that we need to let the playing field be leveled, at least a little. I think it will be much easier to live in a world where we help that to happen, than in one where we resist it with all our might.

    Good night....

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    • wishisaidthat II So there are members of your family who have similar political positions to me. I have raging liberals in my family mostly college professors and those too young to struggle to earn a living. You used President Obama catch phrase " level the playing field". What does "level the playing field" mean? The GW Bush administration was very liberal in its actions but is talk of Religion,Marriage and abortion made him a targeted enemy of liberals. I never understood why Bush went in to Iraq,even thou the Democrats in Congress were on record calling for change there. I thought that Hussein would contain radical Islam in his self interest.

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      • Hi Mr. Phil - There's some progress! You spelled Democrat properly!:)

        I think "level the playing field" means (to me) that we (Americans) need to put a more humble face forward in the more "with us or again' us" type stuff. We also need to lead by example, like reduce our global warming contribution, play fair with money worldwide, and encourage upward mobility in developing regions. I don't think it means give all we have to the poor countries, but at least don't stand in the way of their development.

        Perhaps a little naive , but that's it.

      • Hi Mr. Phil - I'm replying to the older post because the newer one lacks a "reply" button.

        I was very serious when I complemented you on "progress"...I truly believe us ""raging liberals" aren't really that far away from you Rush-like conservatives. The difference being the level of hysteria that each side can put out there, on occasion. I don't think it does our great country any good, when that happens, from either side.

        While what you say is true...we have given lots of folks, from around the world, an education, and therefore, the ability to return home and lift their own people, and that's really good, but I think it goes beyond that (or should). Have you visited Europe or Asia lately?, I have...and as an American, it's kinda hard to avoid being laughed at. I know...that could be just the jealousy that comes from anyone who's not on top, like we are, but it is still bothersome, to me. This country has been spending a number of years making enemies around the world, and the "ugly American" stereotype has been out there a long time, but, I think, is getting worse. That's not good for us, or them, if you want to continue to think that way.

        As the world continues to shrink (figuratively) we will be increasingly less able to hide behind our oceans and borders...we'd better figure out how to get along with everyone...and for me, I don't think invading other countries, uninvited, is a very good start. (I know you have expressed your dismay with GW, for Iraq...another indication we aren't really that different in thinking.)

        I believe our President (for that matter, almost any member of congress) doesn't really have any control over what happens, in this country or the world. There's too many other systems in operation. But, with that said, I think the President's biggest impact comes from how the world and our country perceives him/her. I've been a small business owner for a long time, and I think that's true for me, as well. It really doesn't matter what I do, as long as my clients "like" what I'm doing, so it's all about perception...all about "spin-control"! I have never, personally engaged in that... it bothers me if I haven't done right, by my clients...I've been known to tell them "I screwed up", even if they didn't know it...but I think it's just true of our highest levels of elected officials..they really can't change anything but image...that's why I think that is so important.

        So, I probably should have come to conclusion long ago, so, please accept my apology for running on so long, but I do hope we are getting closer to common ground (cause I think we are already standing on it, and just don't know it)

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