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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Jan 8, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    AGNCP - What are the disadvantages?

    xxavatarxx !!! FFC and PGF are closedend funds and i buy when PPS gets near NAV. They have a good Dividend and are easy to trade. But theyare in line for a Dividend decrease due to the High interest Capital Trust Preferreds being called. I have been on the watch for FFC to get near NAV of $18 and change.

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    • mr.phil2u, My personal prefy portfolio in terms of dividend is decreasing as well for it's yield.
      Nothing we can do about it.
      Banks are buying back the fat paying prefy's they issued back in the 2008 crash.
      I have Barclays D and BofA Q that will probably get called this summer, and that will be two more fat cows gone.

      I'm fully expecting a continual decline in the dividend.
      Actually FFC is a bit mis-leading on google.
      Their last dividend was .12 which puts them at a 7.23% yield.
      So they just cut from .14 a month to .12 a month.

      Anyway just pointing out there are prefy funds if you didn't want to be exposed to one company only and feel more comfortable in a diversified fund.

    • If you call them "good dividends", look again. You are missing something.

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      • I like them Ovic. I have a lot of financial prefered.
        They are boring as hell which is great if you don't want to be eye balling your stocks all the time, and they pay every quarter.

        Plus I bought a lot at discount after the 2008 crash.
        So when they get called, I get my cap gains on them as a nice parting gift.

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