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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Jan 9, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    option play on biotech..

    yahoo ate my first and longer post.

    First, thanks for taking the time.
    I only used spreads once with gdx, it worked out ok. I does limit your potencial gain.

    I chose the august one also.
    For some reason i am able to be patient this year and not pull the trigger on my 42% cash position. I already have to much risk and a tad too complicated(to much diversification).
    I don't think that stock is ideal to risk an option, i will wait for a market correction and then get some comon stock.
    Can't go more simple than not doing anything...sorry if i wasted your time.
    I will post ALL of my trades this year to you. Don't know why, but i will maybe because you toook a bite.
    I am SURE we will both learn something, i have slightly different ways of doing things, including expressing myself, too outspoken. Not saying you will learn more at all.

    i want to get bashed on my actual portfolio so here goes part I
    lol, i know i won't get bashed on at least one.

    x2 is double position more or less.

    tot x2, bp, aapl x2 ,fte, ftr, agnc, arr, phys, pslv, clf, gdxj, gdx x2, vale, ve,

    tiny position in gm , cytx , and tiny nok option.

    I am looking for covered calls for gdx,vale,ve and tot , i can' on the others..

    part II is more complex lol.if you're interested i'll tell.

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