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  • reits_r_us reits_r_us Jan 12, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    Don't waste your time if you want to buy a hand gun

    ""I plan to buy a Snub nose 38 Special with enclosed hammer and dehorned for pocket holster carry""

    I have this gun, in the S&W stainless, 5 shot revolver, 2 inch, 1lb loaded, no safety, carried in a front pocket, loose pants slip in holster, and I carry a concealed weapon permit. I carry it, Ray85, when I go downtown at night to the symphony with my wife. Bad part of town, if you know what I mean. Plain clothes police officer knifed up badly by a homeless dude a few years back in the same block.

    I am very aware of my surroundings. If approached we move, if followed, we run, if attack imminent, and bodily injury probable, I would draw my weapon and attempt to kill the attacker. There is none of the, "shoot him in the foot to slow him down", mentality in my vocabulary. You maybe, if lucky, get one shot, and I will take it, if, God forbid, my life or those I am with are threatened.


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    • Another anecdotal "aside". On vacation in Kihei, HI years ago(17 maybe), my wife wanted to head down to Kihei town about 10:30-11;00 PM for some ice cream. We were in S Kihei, close to Wailea, and that part of town was not well lighted. Since I had just arrived by plane and not having a HI concealed weapon permit, I was un-armed.

      About the walk, I advised against it but women in my house have a way of prevailing...;-) So now we're getting close to a strip mall, a block away or so, and I spot a group(6) of local natives across the street jumping up and hitting a metal road sign with their fists and clubs(not usually a good sign...sorry).

      We are blocks away from our condo now, and the road we just traveled is really dark going back, so I tell my wife who's commenting about the beautiful evening, the great smelling flowers, etc, that we are going to encounter some guys who are going to call out to us. PLEASE keep walking, do not look over at them, and once past do not look back but keep walking.

      Well my wife is quite naive in the things of the world, which is great, except at times like these. She is quite attractive also, and as we passed we got the typical "Cat Calls" about her spending some time with them, and worse. I told her to keep walking and not to look back...well she looked back and when she did they took off running and that was it.

      I grabbed her, just about pulling her out of her shoes, as she kept turning, shocked at the fact that these gentlemen had clubs which she had not noticed before, and were disturbing her nice walk. I think she wanted to be like our beloved leader and sit down and reason with them(sorry).

      They were also gaining as we made the driveway of the strip mall. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for a 20 something Haole, driving into the strip mall cutting the band of gentlemen off from their prey, they descended upon the car, much like that movie with the African Killer Bees, yanking the poor kid from the vehicle and giving him the beating intended for myself and perhaps my wife.

      We continued our run and watched with the rent-a-cop security guy with the badge, but no weapon, from inside a store. We asked the Haole cop what he was going to do? He looked at us rather surprised. Maybe he didn't know English...


      BTW, It was a very bad situation and ethical questions(for me) still prevail to this day. I still would have run, even if armed. I like to believe I would have told my wife to keep running and have stood to meet the attackers. I like to think I would have shot one warning shot in the air, but I have played that thought out many times. Were they also armed, did that matter, with one shot fired, I would only have four shots left, and there were 6 attackers. They were probably high on Meth or the equivalent which would make anything less than a shot to a vital organ worthless.Once one of their company was shot and they reached me I would certainly pay with my life. Ugly decisions all, but I like to believe I would have stood my ground if it meant the safety of my wife.

      The darned thing is I believe, in my case, my efforts would have been in vain, as i know my wife, and she would have come back and tried to beat them all up for hurting me...

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      • Geez, Doc, if I had to carry a firearm to get an ice cream, I think I would pass on the ice cream. Maybe I'm not loving enough, but I'm not going to lose an argument with the little woman about where we go for walks at 11:00 p.m. And not sure where you live - Spokane, I think - but once again, if I had to carry a gun to hear the symphony, I could be happy with CD's.

        I tend to think that someone carrying a concealed weapon would not be able to draw and use it in time unless they were willing to do so well in advance of an actual demonstrable threat. You know, like one of those news stories where the cop killed someone because he was reaching for his cell phone. I guess my attitude is something different than, "I'll go wherever and whenever I want, and if I have to kill a few people, so be it."

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