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  • rexel722 rexel722 Jan 16, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    How kind of WalMart

    I only go to Walmart to see the fat people and I usually stay less then 30 hours.

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    • Whenever I go to WalMart, which wasn't that often before I found out about their GB prices, I feel like I'm going to a welfare office or a homeless shelter or something like that. So normally when I want something I just buy everything they have at the time and that way I can avoid the experience for as long as possible. The last time I bought my GB chocolate I picked up 9 bars. I would have bought 30 had they had that many on the shelf. I can buy 10 of them online at their webpage for the same price but they charge about $10 to ship so it is an extra dollar per bar. Since Walmart is about 4 miles round trip and I can get there and back on electricity alone so the trip cost me about 10 cents in electricity and about 30 minutes of my time.

      One thing is for certain. I doubt I would find a whole lot in common with the typical WalMart customer. I feel like I'm on another planet when I am in there. It makes one realize how isolated one can be from certain parts of society if one doesn't go outside one's normal realm.

      I get the impression that this is happening to a greater degree now. When I first came to the LA area I would go to the movies and the people in the theater seemed like the people in your neighborhood. Now if I go to a movie I see very few people like this. They all look like they came from 10 miles away. It seems like people in general in the LA area have changed their habits pretty radically. Instead of going to the movies they wait until they can rent or get it on "pay per view".

      But I understand why. I had not gone to one particular theater, which is farther north, for a while and when I first started dating my wife I went there because the show time was closer to what I wanted. The people in the theater were yelling across the room to each other and throwing paper and ice cubes at each other. They were intentionally trying to be disruptive and it was clear that they thought it was funny that it was an imposition on others. I really felt embarrassed because I was imagining that my date was asking herself what kind of place have he brought me to. I thoroughly apologized to her after we walked out, which was well before the movie ended, and I never went back to that theater again, or the mall that it was in. It is no wonder that people have stopped going to movies because what is going there now many people don't want to be around.

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      • your post is funny. I am a foreigner, i have several millions, went to bahamas and florida i may with my girlfriend, she is Argentine and looks better than, merde i forgot her name...
        she looks like the Avatar...
        She had never been to the US. We went to Miami,Disney, greta hotels , nest beach in Florida, water parks, stayed at a dreams in bahamas ( she did not like the snobs) malls in
        orlando, she loves shopping like any women. Her best experience .....buying 1 to 3 dollar items i sale sections in wall mart Brendenton Florida . She loved the fact 80 year old ladies worked there. She could not believe the size of the ice cream, and pizza isles....
        bigger than some markets here.
        It's all about thru which eyes you chose to see the world. She is an both ways....hard to find..

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