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  • raybans2 raybans2 Jan 15, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    There is a bright spot in all this anti-gun chaos of late.

    My wife and I are planning on taking up archery as a hobby. The good news is that bows and arrows seem to be readily available with few restrictions except when used for hunting. Which is strange as they can be just as lethal as a gun as long has you only have one target to shoot at in a short amount of time.

    However I’m new to the sport of archery and don’t know which brands are best. I’m undecided on whether to go with the compound bow or a cross bow in which case I can probably mount a scope as well. I might get both. It seems that many people are abscessed with the amount of noise that the bow makes but I’m not sure this would matter to anyone on a target range. Maybe it is for hunting so they don’t scare off the prey. My brother hunts deer with a compound bow but I doubt that I will do that however I would not be opposed to bow fishing. For some reason I can’t kill a deer but I have no problem killing a fish. I guess it’s the relative degree of intelligence or self awareness that a deer has that bothers me. I guess I emphasize with its plight.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 15, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

      Why not just get a Federal Explosives License and start stockpiling fertilizer and diesel fuel? The bunny rabbits can't outrun a shock-wave.

    • Bow/arrow is just as lethal as a gun, but a little harder to conceal. I've heard that some of the bad guys conceal their guns even without the appropriate license.

      I don't believe in hunting unless you can't afford store-bought food ... we are already killing too many animals through loss of habitat. But, if you must, a bow is more for purests ... maybe it gives the prey a little more chance than a cross-bow which is just for people who are hunger 'cause the prey really has very little chance against one. On the other hand, a bow is more likely to wound rather than kill ... a very nasty sight for anyone who has witnessed it.

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      • bowhunterron Jan 15, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

        You have bumped a tender spot, I have been a serious bowhunter for over 50 yrs, having had the good fortune to hunt most of North America, been to Africa twice and Austrailia once. I have had a good bit of success hunting and killing non-dangerous animals and some very dangerous game as well. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about when you say bows wound more than guns. Every detailed research on the subject shows just the opposite. Bottom line, if you hit them properly ,they all work, if you cant hit them properly, none of them work. Its all about the discipline of the shooter staying within his/her effective range. As far as it being ok to buy storebought food that hired somebody to do the killing for you, that's pitiful, Take the responsibility yourself, know that something dies so you can eat, it makes no difference if its a cow, pig ,deer or bear, or even lettuce for that matter. Something has to die so you can survive. Like I said you bumped a tender spot, that's all I am saying on the subject. lets get back to talking AGNC, stocks, options, and related material. Bow

      • I think the biggest complaints related to the recent acts of violence are directed against assault riffles and you cannot conceal an assault rifle. If you can find something large enough to put it in, like a guitar case, then a bow could be hidden in it as well.

      • It seems that a lot more people hunt to put food on the table than most of us imagine. When I was horseback riding in the Grand Cannon a few years ago, our guide said that he lived in a cabin and said he relied on hunting for deer and elk to supply most of his protein. I use one of those vacuum sealers to store food in the freezer as we buy large portions at Costco and then cut it up into single meal portions and then vacuum seal and freeze them. What I found when I was looking for such a device to do this was that most of the people who were writing the reviews were using the vacuum sealers for packing deer meat in significant quintiles after they slaughtered their kill. I guess it is one of the best ways to save meat for long periods of time. Also people who fish for large fish like Marlin or tuna do the same. From what I could tell these people who hunted for food were saving many thousands of dollars a year in food cost from a single elk.

        In California the hunting restrictions have gotten so obnoxious that many hunters now travel out of state to hunt because they are tired of it. Now California is becoming overrun with deer and the fish and game people are trying to attract hunters to cull the size of herds down to manageable levels but few are biting, so I have heard. It turns out that a certain amount of hunting is required or the animals start to starve for lack of food after over grazing and they suffer as a result. But it would seem that California will have to hire profession hunters and pay them as a significant number of people no longer consider hunting in California to be a recreational past time any more. And I'm guessing that since the over populated deer are getting pretty scrawny they don't want to eat them anyway. If you drive to pasture lands in the country you can sometimes see large herds of deer grazing next to the cows. It is pretty bazaar to see.

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