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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 17, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Civil War

    Onion, with respect: you focus on what thousands are doing.

    I focus on 315 million in the aggregate.

    If you get OCD about fraud and crime, you enter upon the road to the police state.

    Use metrics and measurements: you are looking at a fraction of 4.1%

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    • I see what you are saying
      and it was bad choice of words on my part.
      The truth is nobody really knows the amount of fraud, not even the experts.
      And lets not only talk about LTD
      Talk about Welfare, CHIPS, all forms of govt assistance.
      Don't just look at total fraud, look at things like what a percentage of food stamps are really being spent on. Medicare fraud, unemployment insurance. Money being thrown at govt programs designed to help and a percentage of the money never reaches the end users because of graft and corruption.
      I am not against govt assistance.
      I want the people who really need it to get more of it.
      And I want to pay less for it.

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      • Doc reits here is a recap of your response:

        1) You gave me an argument I did not make in order to declare that you won the argument.

        2) You impugned my character and invited others to do so as well based on the argument I did not make but that you retroactively gave me.

        3) You mischaracterized the example I gave as someone who is unambiguously disabled, yet the example I gave is one of a 55 year old man who is not blind enough to win your 'lottery', and does not have enough reduced lung capacity to win your pulmonary specialist buddies 'lottery'. The man is simply living while already extinct and turned down on his disability apllication along with a full 61% whomare turned down.

        Look, we are all used to guys like mr phil, but when docs and other pillars of society start talking like mr phil, when we get candidates running for president talking like mr phil, then something has gone wrong.

        To jp: what would have happened if the railroad shut down and went bk at the time you were most vulnerable, after working on the railroad had set you up to be valueless in the eyes of any other employers. No pension, still paying for the kids in college, compromised health, and no job. Have you ever really stopped to think? Does your pastor ever give sermons based 'there but for the grace of god go I'?

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