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  • ray858945 ray858945 Jan 20, 2013 10:51 AM Flag

    SSN Disability

    HxH ...

    I assure you that RayBans and myself are two different people regardless of any similarities you might see ... I actually don't see them. Fox News? I haven't watched it in years ... makes me sick.

    The little town of 25,000 that I live in used to have its own police and fire departments, but we canned those in favor of renting those services from the town next door. Saves a fair amount of money by not having to have our own administrative personnel. It's a plan that has been praised nation-wide.

    Around here, starting salary for a policeman is over $80,000 plus benefits. I once estimated that with normal assumptions re retirement age and life expectancy, etc. a policeman here makes about $250,000 a year with benefits and retirement. Not sure how close that is, but I think it's in the neighborhood. Pretty good wages for a town where serious crime is just about zero.

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    • Ray85,

      I'm no fan of the crime- industrial complex either. A starting salary for cop of $80,0000 is nuts.

      Its $45k in my jurisdiction. In 1990 it was $28k. Private sector grunt work (if you can even get it) has been stagnant for 20 yrs, while public sector at least had COLA increases. The private sector has so badly failed low-end workers, it makes public sector jobs now look good in comparison.

      Given the choice, would you want private sector incomes to keep pace or would you rather cut public in a race to the bottom?

      The post that started this isnt typical of your commentary in general is all I was saying.

      The part about maybe America should fall was a low blow, as was the hit on 9/11 responders.

      You guys really think we have an economic problem based on soldier, cop and teacher compensation? Seriously?

      You know, this dark stuff going around, picking targets, pointing fingers, it might not hit you, it might not hit your kids, but by the time it plays out its going to hit your family somewhere down the line.

      Do you think about your grand kids when you contemplate or anticipate a fallen America?

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      • "You guys really think we have an economic problem based on soldier, cop and teacher compensation? Seriously?"

        I think that government people should be paid less than non-government simply because of the security of their jobs. That used to be the case. They used to get 30% less, and now they get 30% more [with benefits included]. Jean worked for the San Francisco school district for a year, and they have up to 100 days per year of sick leave if necessary. In California, state workers are both civil service and union. The result has been wages and benefits that are just too high. There are bus drivers in San Francisco that make over $100,000 with a little over-time that seems pretty common. I'm sorry, but the government is doing too many things, and paying too much for them.

        I also don't believe that professional stock traders should pay low cap gains rates instead of regular income taxes. If you traded real estate professionally, you would pay income taxes on the profits not cap gains. I don't know why casual traders like us can't pay cap gains rates, while the hedge fund managers, etc. pay regular income taxes ... like real estate. The gap between rich and poor has been expanding for 30 years, and it is not good.

      • In California they tried to break the cycle between legislators promising to support government union demands in return for votes and the unions amassed an gigantic campaign to kill it. The unions hired marketing professionals to create commercials that made it look like the little guy is getting screwed when we all know it's the other way around. They are screwing us and they have little remorse about doing it. Their power is enormous now. And I'm not sure if they can be defeated with a vote as they seem quite adept at manipulating the public.

        The law they tried to pass would have forbid any organization, including companies, from forcing employees to contribute money that would later be used for campaign contributions. For every commercial that was for the law there were 100 that were against it. At least that is how it felt. They didn't stand a chance.

        Also in California we now have a large population of Hispanics, over half, most of which don't have the level of sophistication to weed through all the news to get both sides of the story. And since the majority only speaks Spanish the sources of their information is rather one sided as most Spanish speaking publications are quite liberal for other reasons besides this. The exception to this would be Florida where Hispanics are more conservative however I am talking about California where the free handout rules the Hispanic vote. Of course high government salaries mean less money left for handouts but no is going to explain this to them.

        This pretty much guarantees that most elections from now on will be dominated by the Democrats and toward any issue they ally on. And most Democratic organizations do not wanted to alienate the unions as this has been one of their traditional allies. Even if the government unions are raiding the government coffers, which they are, they will still stand by their side so they can get the same support in return when they have an issue that is important to them.

        The result is that we have crossed the threshold where there is no effective push back and everything that the Democrats want will pass. You can watch California to see where the rest of the nation will be headed in the future if something is not done to reduce the influence of these large power brokers before a situation like ours exist. California is lost. Only a complete Greek like collapse will turn things around now.

        California voted to increase state taxes on high income earners and as you can imagine there are now a lot of million dollar plus homes on the market as these people make plans to leave the state for more tax friendly states. But to many of the poor people getting the hand outs, even $100k a year seems like a high income earner so I can only imagine that they will eventually get what they want as they adjust the tax brackets so more people qualify for the higher taxes. Since the last election there is no one left to hold back the dam. They are in control now and have unfettered access to the state coffers. It will be interesting to see where this all leads. I too may be forced to leave however I hope that this is not the case.

      • [You guys really think we have an economic problem based on soldier, cop and teacher compensation? Seriously?]

        I am not a guy. Seriously, yes there is an ever growing problem with benefit compensation in some states. That cannot be denied because it is defined by economic numbers. At one time many employees received defined benefit pension plans. That number has shrunk to only represent a moderate group. Most younger employees can only envy the historical reference.

        Even if those younger employees could earn that benefit; it still is not sustainable. The average corporate retiree went out at 40 to 44% of ending compensation. The public employees are averaging 80 to 90% of ending compensation. We have a smaller and smaller base of people needing to support a growing compensation base that is dependent on that smaller base.

        People can argue forever about promises made by local boards to these public employees. It does not change the economics!

    • kidshelleen51 Jan 20, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

      Not sure why Fox News make4 you sick, unless you mean the truth about this country is appaling. In which case I agree with you. Disability should be for those that can't work, not for those that don't wnat to work. The concept of a "safety net" has been replaced by a generation that wants something for nothing. Someday, hopefully, we'll have a revolution to tear this all down and then we can start over again.

    • Ray ,hope you insurance is paid up, if a fire coming from another town u r toast. Lets get rid of good paying jobs, we all should work in the private sector, they will treat us fair, that's a better plan ,yeah right,keep on watching cbs,nbc,etc.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • In North Carolina Police start at 30K-40K depending on Certification level. A Chief of a small town like i live in is paid 80K to 100K. When he retires with 30 years service combined in the state he gets his last salary as his pension. If your name is on the deed to property in California and Illinois the State employee pension fund looks at it as their piggy bank.

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