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  • herexhear herexhear Jan 23, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    SS Disability #2

    And you are nor worried, concerned or interested in billions in medicare fraud waste and abuse.

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    • That is not true. I care about all of it.

      60 minutes did a special on Medicare fraud a few years back it was estimated that a minimum that $80 billion a year of Medicare claims are for made up conditions that do not exist or for patients that do not exist and the fraudulent claims come from providers who have addresses to buildings that are empty. When they interviewed the management at Medicare about the massive amount of fraud going on they said that it was not their job to find fraudulent claims, that this was the job of the FBI. Now tell me. Just how many private insurance companies rely on the FBI to find the fraud in their claims? I can tell you exactly how many. None of them do. They will report fraud to the FBI when it is found but they will find it on their own. That is because they have a motivation to find it which is they seek to survive.

      This is why governments cannot be trusted to manage programs because they have no incentive to do a good job. It does not matter to them if 20% of their budget is getting stolen because it will not impact whether they exist or don't exist. A private insurance company on the other hand will cease to exist if they get flooded with fraudulent claims because it will force them to increase their premiums to a point that no one will buy their insurance but instead will go to the insurance company that is doing a better job of policing fraud and thus has lower premiums.

      So who pays for the Medicare fraud? It's the patient because Medicare simply reduces the amount that they will pay for a procedure and more doctors op out of Medicare as a result. This is why I don't trust government involvement in health care because they consistently do a bad job at everything they do because there is no reward to them for doing a good job and no penalty for doing a bad job. And under those conditions you will always get substandard performance. Just look at the dungeon like conditions under which senior citizens get treated under Medicaid. They save money by treating them so poorly that they simply die off.

      You seem to be of the mindset that some kinds of corruption are OK if you can point out cases of other kinds of corruption. That is not true. It is all bad. But the largest source of corruption today exists within the government because no one is policing it thus allowing it to grow to epic proportions. And thus that makes it the lowest hanging fruit. Tell me. How does California reduce its budget by 25% in one year yet the government infrastructure did not implode? It is because they really didn't need all that money to give the people the essentials of what they really needed to do. When they cut out the 25% no one even noticed. That is because the money is going into thin air. Nothing was being provided for it so no one missed it except for the leaches that can't find as many of those lucrative studies to do because economic circumstances made the government live within the means. But who cares if they now have to go out and find a real job. Most of us never condoned what they were doing anyway.

      You can argue about the military, whether we have too much of it or not enough of it. But I don’t think that the people in the Military are getting over paid by playing favors to politicians. They don’t even have unions in the military. If you search around you can find pre election videos on you tube where Obama was ranting on how we needed to cut the military but then when became President where he then had access to all the classified intelligence he’s now talking a different story and is positioning a large contingency of forces in the pacific ocean to counter China’s new ambitions to claim the natural resources of other countries as theirs using ridiculous historical claims going back as much as 500 years. I think Obama now sees the big picture for what it is and not what he would have liked it to be. If you think China will play nice then you don’t understand China in the least. Don’t imagine that they share our western values. They don’t even understand our western values. But this is another discussion that I could write a book on.

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      • Ray you may care about all of it but you are coming off as being obsessed about your local fire department. You talk about it constantly and at length, revisiting it from every anecdotal angle. The fact that your fireman is living on a confortable salary really eats at you.

        You cant have a civilization when everyone is trying to tear someone down. Its a race to the bottom.

        If you cared as much about medicare fraud as you do about your local fireman's and teacher's salary, you'd know about the high profile crack downs that are beginning, where dozens, hundreds of fraudulent docs and nurses are getting caught in high profile large cases. Look it up.

        Any citizen of this country that can write what you wrote about the Pentagon is part of the problem of runaway deficits.

        How is it you are not even aware that Republican admins from Nixon on down get in, run the deficit up for their own narrow backers, and when they lose office, they send direct-mail to guys like you alerting to about the need to cut the budget. Then the dems clean the mess up so the republicans can have another deficit orgy. Dont you ever look around?

        The United States and China have always seen each other as allies vs threats, except for the Mao period. The reason we are natural allies is based on the fact that our interests are aligned, not in opposition.

        The United States of America has only one foe in history, now and forever: any country that closes its markets to us is a Foe, any country that does business with us and opens its markets to us is a friend.

        Its just that simple, and every country in the world knows it, particularly China and Russia. They closed their markets to us during their communist periods and we reacted. The only exception was 1941-45 when we and the Soviet Union had a larger mutual enemy to fight. Now they are fulling integrated into the Free World.

        Now, only certain power factions in middle eastern countries remain as our foes because extreme forms of their religion cause them to resist opening their markets and societies to us. These countries pose a laughably nonexistent military threat to us, and sooner then anyone can really imagine, we wont need their oil anymore.

        This is why our military spending is grossly, insanely inflated beyond anything we need. Ike first warned us in his Farewell Speech About what he called the Military-Industrial complex, and now 50 odd years later Obama is poised to do what has needed to be done for a long long time, and the work will fittingly be done by a Vietnam brother.

        European countries pay taxes and get college tuition and medical care in the deal. These are the two biggest problems for us, and they have it solved. The average middle class Western European pays about the same in taxes we do, and gets college tuition and medical care thrown in

        We dont buy tuition and medical care with our taxes, we buy war, wrecked countries, mass death, and disabled veterans.

    • I am concerned about all that stuff, but concern for one thing does not eliminate concern for another. We have trillions of debt, we need to tap everything.

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      • Ray858945 If everything is tapped to pay the debt what would be there to generate income and growth for the future? Would the total wealth of the top 20 percent pay the national debt? What needs to happen is to get spending under control over a perion of say 5 to 10 years as we grow the economy. Then set up a system to get the National Debt paid off over a additional 20 to 30 year period. It needs a committed gradual effort that will build confidence and not shock the economy.

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