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  • faaqcee faaqcee Jan 25, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    OT - AGNC

    AGNC's board is a refugee camp.
    It is a forum for friendly foreign investors to chat up and pose questions about stocks they currently own, are interested in buying, or are possibly considering selling.
    Here is largely devoid of political banter(save a thread a day or so), and nearly everyone has at least some respect for others' opinions, if not regard.

    Most of those here own, have owned, or are considering buying AGNC.
    Many of those are considering doing such, time and again, until AGNC and the REIT sector as a whole has prover itself to be no longer profitible.

    To have found this mb might possibly strike the first time visitor here the way it struck me:
    The unexpected appearence of a quaint shop while strolling around in a bad part of town.
    Just to enter the place makes one feel safe and invited.
    One finds oneself trying on things out of fancy, maybe considering buying, but checking individual fit.
    The mb regulars are like the helpful salespeople of the haberdashery, giving opinions to strangers in a friendly manner.
    Sometimes though, a hideous sweater still finds its way into one's cart, regardless of urging from others not to do so and the impulse buy of a silly hat cannot be dissuaded, no matter how hard, by the fellow opinionated shoppers around one.
    Most times, the wanderer finds themselves happy with their previously unknown quantity purchased,
    and upon leaving one immediately puts that place on one's list as a site to which to return.

    Happy Friday and have a good weekend,

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